7 Gifts To Improve Your Boyfriend’s Sh*tty Style

Dudes are fucking hard to shop for.

Unless your boo has a specific/expensive passion like photography or skateboarding, a lot of times the default-gift to get a guy is some form of clothing or accessories.

Sure, it’s not the most exciting thing, but it also means that you can subtly improve your boyfriend’s questionable style while also looking like you’re being nice. For obvious reasons, don’t buy him a pair of skinny jeans if he’s a total jock, but we’ve selected some “safe” pieces that will look hot on your man.

We also talked to the styling team behind JackThreads to get a dude’s insight into how to finesse his style.

1. Jeans In a Cool Color

Every dude already wears jeans, unless your man wears strictly sweatpants, in which case good luck. If you buy him jeans in a relatively safe color, but still a little diff from his norm, he’ll definitely wear them. JackThreads recommends pairing them with their classic oxford or cashmere crew, depending on how much you want to spend on bae.

2. A Dope MVMT Watch

Every man needs a good watch, and if your man doesn’t have one, it’s a great gift idea. MVMT watches are super affordable, but they also look really nice. I got one for my boyfriend for his birthday and not only did he love it, but every time we go out he gets compliments on it and I can take credit. Win-win.

3. A Fitted Henley

A Henley tee is another super safe style piece that most dudes would wear, the key is to get it in a size that will fit your bae nice and snug so he can show off his biceps and pecs. It’s as comfy as his favorite tee, but will look way more stylish and less bummy.

4. An Elevated Beanie

Okay, what is it with guys and wearing beanies emblazoned with sports team logos? For a hike, fine, but for a night out? No thanks. This classic JT beanie is a great accessory to add on to whatever you’re buying bae, plus you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll fit him or not.

5. This Shirt For Bae’s Weekend Wardrobe

Ditch that black t-shirt your boo resorts to every Saturday night and try gifting him this button up that he won’t save for the weekdays. Its kind of like a graphic tee for men, but not tacky.

6. This Subscription Box To Keep Him Fly

If your man is going to bummed about just getting straight up clothes, consider a subscription service like Urban Dapper Club. Basically, your man will receive 5-6 accessories and grooming items per month. Not only does this mean that you won’t have to force him to buy shit that he really needs, but he’ll also have a chance to change up his style each month.

7. Take a Risk

Not every guy regularly rocks a bomber jacket, but if you think your man would be down, then you should def consider purchasing him one. JackThread’s styling team says that bomber jackets, along with cap-toe boots and cuffed denim, are some of the biggest trends for dudes right now. This one is very non-Hypebeast, which keeps it more on the classic side and ups the chance of him actually wearing it.

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