10 Valentine’s Day Subscription Gift Ideas For the Dude Who Has it All

How to stay on your man’s mind 24/7? Give him a gift for Valentine’s Day that keeps on giving.

No, I’m not making a sexual innuendo (surprisingly), I’m talking about giving a monthly subscription service to your boo in honor of V-Day. If your dude deserves it, a lot of them are pretty useful — which is the hallmark of a good guy gift.

1. Pure Bliss Box


Pure Bliss box is a two in one gift, because you’ll enjoy the contents as much as your man will. For couples, they offer two options of monthly boxes, one regular and one “extra naughty.” Both options provide tantalizing toys, body oils, and more for you two to have a little fun with. As a bonus, Pure Bliss gives a card filled with fun inspiration of things for your and your dude to try in the bedroom. Retailing at under $30 a month, you really get the bang for your buck, as most boxes contain a plethora of sex toys that are much pricier at your local sex shop. Sample contents of one recent extra naughty box: under-the-bed restraints, padded handcuffs, and strawberry-flavored oral sex gel.

2. Rubber Club



While condoms may not be romantic, they are certainly useful. Your man will appreciate not having to run to the store last minute after running out of rubbers. With options of 3 to 24 condoms each month and add-ons like vibrators, a subscription to rubber club could be a perfect add-on gift to whatever else you’re planning on getting him.

3. Candy Club



Maybe it’s just the guys that my friends and I date, but it seems that so many dudes love candy. While we ladies love chocolate, guys are suckers for gummy bears and sour patch kids. What better way to satisfy your man’s sweet tooth than with a monthly box of candy? As a bonus, you’ll probably get to enjoy some of the sugary snacks alongside him.

4. Manpacks



If boys could somehow have their mothers and/or girlfriends purchase all their necessities every month, they’d do it in a heartbeat. When you can’t be his personal assistant, Manpacks come in to save the day. Manpacks deliver useful products like socks, underwear, shaving cream, and condoms. While it may not be glamorous, this is a gift that your man would certainly use (unlike those leather pants you bought him last year).

5. Tasters Club

Peter Levitan


While there are many booze of the month clubs, Tasters Club is the most well received by dudes on Reddit. Tasters offers whiskey, rum, or tequila. Each bottle is also accompanied with a pamphlet to teach the drinker a little more about the alcohol and its origins. Although it’s a bit pricy, shipping is included and members on Reddit seem to think it’s worth the price.

6. Vinyl Me Please

Vinyl Me Please


If your man is into music (and owns a record player) this is the perfect gift for him. Vinyl Me Please sends a new and unique record each month (a version that you can’t purchase in stores) along with an artist-inspired piece of artwork and cocktail pairing notes. The music junkie in your life will love having new records to sit down and listen to each month.

7. Too Darn Hot

Cool Material


Sriracha is so mainstream. Too Darn Hot’s hot sauce of the month club sends two carefully selected hot sauces per month — ones that you won’t find in the average grocery store. If you’ve got a chile lover in your life, he’s sure to enjoy sampling such a wide variety of spicy sauces.

8. Papirmass

Hermann Audrey


Dating an artsy dude who loves to decorate his apartment? Papirmass has got your back. The service sends one art print per month and continually features new artists from around the world. Although the frames aren’t included, we doubt that your man is that put together anyway.

9. Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club


It may be stereotypical to assume that all men love meat, but a lot of them do. Carnivore Club sends artisanal meats every month, ranging from Spanish chorizo to beef jerky, and often coming with accompanying cheeses. At $55 per month, it ends up being significantly cheaper than if you were to try to enjoy charcuterie at an average New York restaurant.

10. Craft Beer Club



If your man prefers a local brew over a Natty Light, he’ll certainly appreciate receiving 12 beers monthly from Craft Beer Club. Even if he’s not a beer connoisseur, what dude doesn’t like knocking back a couple of cold ones?

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