How To Get Your Boyfriend To Stop Dressing Like A Dork

Let’s be real, unless you’re dating a male fashionista like A$AP Rocky, your boyfriend probably dresses like a total dweeb.

If he doesn’t, it’s because he stays as basic as possible. But unfortunately, even basics can make him look like shit if he can’t get the fit right–especially in the summer. A fitted black tee and jeans can look great, but not if the tee is two sizes too big and if the jeans are low-rise to the point where you can see his cartoon boxer-covered ass.

If your boyfriend doesn’t eagerly ask for your help in revamping his wardrobe like he should, don’t worry, there are other ways to get him to stop wearing jorts and start wearing slim-fit denim.

We talked to Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion for tips on how to subtly convince bae to change up his style, or to simply get some style in the first place. Considering that her husband Cody runs his own men’s fashion blog, we think she knows a thing or two.

1. Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

It’s one thing to drag your boo to the mall, it’s another if you’ve already got the perfect outfit right at home for him.

“Add a few pieces to your cart while you’re online shopping or make a quick detour through the men’s department and do the shopping for him,” says Christine. “Guys usually prefer to try stuff on in the comfort of their own home, so make it as easy as possible. If all he has to do is try it on and say yay or nay, he’ll be taking over your side of the closet in no time.”

We’re not so sure if we’re down with our man taking over our closet, but Christine is on point with the idea of bringing the clothes to him rather than making him endure a long shopping trip. Plus, if you give him a new shirt disguised as a gift, he’ll have to wear it.

Just don’t make a habit of this if you’re not rich. Hopefully, after a few successful new purchases, he’ll just start giving you his card and asking you to do the shopping for him. He’ll even think it was his idea! Boys are so cute and dumb.

2. Show Him Some Outfit Inspo

You can’t tell bae his style sucks if you don’t show him the way you do want him to dress. According to a stylist for ASOS, one of the reason’s that men love shopping on their site is because they can purchase the entire look from head to toe.

“Start by showing him pictures of outfits you do like,” suggests Christine. “Guys are really visual and yours might have good taste but just not know how to put a cohesive look together. Seeing pictures of outfit inspiration and menswear style will give him a better idea how to pull it off.”

Plus, guys are competitive. If you show him a picture of a guy’s look and say how great he looks in it, your man will be eager to show that he can rock the outfit even better.

3. Compliment Them

It’s really easy to get guys to do what you want when you stroke their ego. Like, ridiculously easy. Ogling his biceps in his new shirt or simply telling him how amazing he looks is a small price to pay for your dude to start dressing better.

“Once he realizes you are paying attention and that you recognize his efforts to dress better, he will be more likely to keep dressing up for you,” says Christine.

4. Give Him Positive Associations With Dressing Nicely

To take the compliment thing one step further, start giving him little “rewards” when you notice that he’s pulled his look together.

For example, if he wears that dark-wash denim you picked out when you go run errands, keep telling him how great his butt looks and how you can’t wait to take his pants off when you get home. He’ll start to realize that when he dresses nicely it makes you more into him and more likely to be DTF, and that should be all the motivation he needs to ditch his sweatpants and opt for raw denim.

5. Choose Your Battles

It’s one thing to urge your bae to stop wearing his clothes from high school, but it’s another to try to turn a prepster from the suburbs into a leather jacket wearing bad boy. You are into him for his personality, not his outfits (right?!).

“Style is a process, sometimes you have to let him learn on his own,” says Christine. “He might have a favorite lucky t-shirt or a pair of sneakers that make you cringe, but those pieces will just make you appreciate the days he wears the pieces you’ve helped him pick out.”

6. Reverse The Roles

Just like you’d love to see your boyfriend in a sexy slim-fit suit, he’d love to see you in light-grey yoga pants.

“Make it fun and take turns picking out each others’ outfits,” suggests Christine. “[My partner] is always happiest when I’m dressed down in cute, sporty pieces and I’m of the opinion that there’s nothing sexier than a man in a suit. Be willing to give and take so you both show you’re open to making that trade-off.”

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