How To Get Your Guy To Stop Wearing Baggy Boxer Shorts

When I was in the seventh grade, a cute holiday-themed pair of boxers seemed like the perfect gift for my boyfriend at the time.

The American Eagle at my mall had tons of funny printed options, they were inexpensive, and they were sexy without being too forward.

However, the key reason why loose, printed boxers seemed like a perfect thing to get my boyfriend at the time was because I was never going to see him in those boxers. Said boyfriend and I made out at the movie theater and went our separate ways.

As an adult who now sees my dude in his underwear regularly, loose-fitting boxers are a turnoff. In fact, if my boyfriend did wear baggy boxers, I’d be wondering how to get him to ditch that lame pair of boxers he wears to bed that have Bart Simpson’s face on them.

I mean seriously, what type of guy looks good in over-sized boxers? Is he trying to hide a small dick? Does he like the image of himself in a skirt-type silhouette? Does he think that the horseshoe motif and “get lucky” graphic on his shorts are going to get him laid that night?

Many guys don’t make wardrobe changes on their own. In fact, in a survey done by Tommy John, it was shown that 24% of guys rely on their mom, mother-in-law (seriously?!?!), or significant other to buy their underwear for them. In this same survey, out of the 80% of men who preferred boxers, one-third of the group preferred the loose kind.

And there actually might be a reason for that beyond habit.

“Most of the pull of boxer shorts are that they have nice airflow,” Greg Fass, Partnerships and Influencer Marketing Lead for MeUndies, told Galore.

But thankfully, sexier-looking styles will also have that.

“A nice pair of boxer briefs will be extremely breathable so he’s got no excuse about them not feeling airy and free,” Greg said.

The fit of loose boxers is similar to if women were to wear a bralette that doesn’t quite fit — everything is probably bouncing around and there’s no support whatsoever. And just like your guy probably finds your cute but shapeless bralettes way less sexy than a lacy fitted bra, loose boxer shorts can be swapped for a pair of snug-fitting briefs that are way sexier.

So how do we get them to actually make the switch?

“The secret for guys is to just get them into [new underwear],”Joel Primus, founder of NAKED, says. “Men can be victims of the ‘if it ain’t broken don’t fix it’ mentality, even if it is clearly broken. So yes, they may fight you all the way to the cashier, but get them into a better fitted pant and some slim fit boxer briefs and they’ll not only see the difference, they’ll feel it. Especially if you give them a little extra loving attention for their efforts!”

Greg Fass has a similar solution.

“Sometimes, the best way to convince someone they need something is to simply show them what they’re missing,” he said. “Buy them one pair first, and show them what it’s like. Once they try one pair of amazing underwear, they wont be able to go back to their cheap and uncomfortable pairs.”

He also adds when it’s okay to give up.

“Guys might not see the need to invest in quality underwear on their own,” he said, “so you need to give him the first nudge by getting him the first pair. If after that first pair he decides his bad underwear is sufficient, you can dump him.”

Surprise your man with some new, luxurious boxer-briefs or briefs, and see if he’s convinced. If you’re dead set on having him buy the new briefs on his own, simply muse about how much sexier his butt would look in a tighter pair of boxer briefs — not to mention how much bigger his bulge will appear.

“Natural male enhancement is something all guys want no matter how much they deny it,” Greg says. “A good pair of boxer briefs (especially MeUndies boxer briefs) help make your lower half look better, and in more ways than one.”

You can always passive aggressively start sending him photos of hot male celebrities in fitted briefs (just kidding…kind of). If all else fails, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting him to up his undie-game if you promise that you’ll do the same. After all, did you really need an excuse to buy a new set of lingerie?

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