7 Boxers To Get Your Boo For The Holidays

Guys love to buy chicks lingerie, and can we blame them? First off, they know they’re charting in safe territory, because what girl doesn’t love receiving something lacy and sexy? Second, they don’t mind spending money on their girl quite as much when they know they’re going to appreciate the gift on their own terms.

If you’re not sure what to get your man this year, or you want to reverse the lingerie method, boxers are always a safe bet. But what type of boxers? You don’t want to get him the same boring black boxer briefs that he already has (although he looks great in them), you want to get him something unique. We’ve rounded up the best boxers of the season to ensure that when you’re not caressing your man’s junk, something else is.

1. For The Handsy Guy

These Buddha boxers are sure to get a chuckle from your man. And even if they don’t, is he really going to complain about you rubbing on his junk from time to time?


2. For The Nudist

You know how your dude loves to go commando? With these Naked boxers, he’ll feel free as a bird. In classically sexy shapes, these boxers will make your dude forget he’s wearing boxers, and will make you stop and look back at how good he looks. As a bonus, these bad boys are personally sponsored by NBA star Dwyane Wade, so if your man loves to ball, they’re a must buy.


3. For The Harry Potter Freak

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? And by that I mean; seriously, if your man doesn’t love Harry Potter, you might want to re-evaluate your choice in men.


4. For The Star Wars Lover

With the upcoming release date of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, these boxers couldn’t be more on point. Besides, four sexy styles for only $40 is some kind of steal, right?

80’s Tees


5. For The Beach Bum (Literally)

Instead of checking out a sunset from your BFF’s Instagram, why don’t you check out a sunset on your man’s ass?

Hard To Find

6. For The “Romantic”

Okay, so these boxers may be more dirty than they are romantic…but they have a heart on them, and they’re personalized, so that’s about as romantic as boxers can get. If you break up with him, you can ask for these back.


7. For The Sriracha Fanatic

Who doesn’t love Sriracha? If your man can’t handle a little spice, what kind of man is he? Whether you love Sriracha or your man loves Sriracha, these boxers seem like they’ll do quite nicely. Maybe you can even try licking Sriracha off his cock?

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