Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky Are Having a ‘Fling’

Unlike her sisters, Kendall Jenner doesn’t do boyfriends.

She does flings.

First, there was Harry Styles.
Then there was that basketball player whose name isn’t important.
And now, there’s A$AP Rocky, the guy who had three LSD-fueled orgies at SXSW one year and was super proud of it.

Rumors started flying about the two last month, after Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky were seen together in Paris strolling down the streets, enjoying lavish dinners, and dancing their cares away at the club.

You know, date stuff.

“It’s a fling,” a source close to Kendall told Us, stressing, “it’s not serious.”

Likewise a source close to A$AP Rocky says something is definitely going on between them because Rocky thinks “Kendall is hot as hell,” but once again, “he’s just having fun.”

And the #1 source for all Kardashian scoops, E! News, threw in their two cents about the casual couple too.

Kendall is hanging out with a few people at this moment, no one exclusively,” a source who may or may not be Kris Jenner revealed, adding that Kendall “just wants to have a carefree summer and go out with all her friends and date.”

Which includes keeping it casual with that basketball player.

Isn’t it nice to know that while most of Hollywood goes around promoting the cult of monogamy, there are still some brave souls who remain dedicated to the cause of playing the field? Keep flingin’, Kenny.

[H/T US]

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