A Hacker Leaked Photos of Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles from His Mom’s Phone

Photos of Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s New Year’s vacation were leaked after an anonymous “fan” allegedly hacked into Harry’s mother’s iCloud account.

The pair—who have yet to confirm their relationship status—spent their vacation canoodling on a yacht in St. Barths, looking pretty much just as couple-y as two people can, though what we’ve seen hasn’t been exactly x-rated.

And while One Direction fans have rejoiced for any and all access to Styles’ private life, someone who seems pretty unamused by the debacle is Anne Cox, Harry’s mom.

After the photos were leaked, Cox deleted both her Twitter and Instagram accounts, but hasn’t publicly commented on the leak. No word has come from Harry or Kendall on the hacked photos yet either. 

Don’t expect media outlets to publish the photos since they’re stolen. But here are a few paparazzi pics from the same vacay.


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