The 7 Best Celeb Looks of 2016

Celebrities wore a lot of looks this year.

Some were culturally important, some were legendarily WTF and some were snooze, there it is.

Since Christmas is the time to bestow favors on your favorites, here are our fave scraps of fabric famous people deigned to wear this year.

1. Bella Hadid’s Emo-Thot-Luxe Going Outwear

A photo posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

“I am obsessed with this outfit because the top is very 2000s, but also way sexier than the 2000s. Bella’s abs add to the whole effect. The pants are something I would never ever wear/purchase, which kind of makes me love the look more because the pants are pretty unsexy but it still works. The hoops are the cherry on top of this slightly emo-thot-luxe outfit.”

– Ashley Uzer

2. Kylie’s Corset T

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

“My favorite celeb outfit was Kylie’s basic white T-shirt dress with the green corset bc she encourages me to be super extra when I accessorize if I can’t be extra in my general outfit.”

– Gabrielle Noel

3. Rihanna’s Whimsical Tinkerbell Realness

“Queen Rih wore this outfit towards the end of her green phase, and it’s by far the most ridiculous out of all of them. And yet, she slays the living hell out of it? No one else on this planet could be sipping on iced coffee in what essentially looks like a Tinkerbell costume and look this fucking good except for her, and the shoes are what really pull the playfulness of the dress together into this seamless outfit.”

– Keely Quinlan

4. Bebe Rexha’s White Party Eleganza

I need a gangsta to love me better. #gqmoty

A photo posted by Bebe Rexha (@beberexha) on

“This is my favorite look in 2016 because it’s classy but still bad ass. She looks like a ganster Marie Antoinette. I love big fur jackets, especially on an all white ensemble.”

– Grace Hanson

5. Kim’s VMA Outfit

Date night

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

“This physics-defying vintage Galliano dress, paired with her wet-look hair and barely-there black heels, seemed to be announcing a new era for Kim. The look is Malibu Barbie goes brunette and hits up a saloon, which has never worked before and will never work again. It was also a perfect example of the VMA dress code — evening, but insouciant. Kim was easily the most aesthetically on-point person at the VMAs.

“Also, she and Kanye seemed to be perfectly in sync throughout the night. She seemed more confident than ever before, assuming her position as an elder stateswoman of pop culture (she had to be one of the oldest people at the VMAs) while also easily out-dressing the teens in attendance. It felt like the dawning of a new era for Kim.”

– Molly Mulshne

6. Kylie’s Thotty Lasagna Separates


“I’m not even kidding, this is my favorite outfit of the whole year. And it’s not because it’s a great outfit — let’s be real here, it’s a pair of sand-colored underwear and terry cloth sweatpants — but because it proves that underneath all the edited selfies and monotone Snapchat videos, Kylie has a sense of humor.

“And, despite all the fancy adult meetings and stepmother duties, she still has a childhood. Getting dressed up all thotty to make lasagna with my friends seems like exactly something I would have done when I was 19. Granted, I would have been wearing more clothes, but that’s just because nobody wanted to see me in my underwear when I was 19, and I mean that literally. Bible, after my hs boyfriend and I broke up, I didn’t get laid ONCE that year.”

– Maria Pasquini

7. Kim’s belted trench and windowpane thigh highs in Paris

This guy is always in my shot!

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

“Sadly, less than a month after Kim’s incredible look at the VMAs, she had what would end up being her last public appearance of 2016. One minute, she was making headlines for her makeup-free face at the Balenciaga show in Paris and literally starting the ass-length hair trend that young it-girls are scrambling to make their own as we speak. The next thing we knew, news reports starting pouring in that she’d been tied and held up at gunpoint that night. This braless Balenciaga trench showed Kim’s unique ability to combine sex appeal and FASHUN — a trait anyone with boobs or hips can appreciate. Whether Kim was actually makeup-less is between her and her god. But the public hiatus that followed this pic means it was the last shot of Kim in glam-mode that we’ll see for a while.”

– Molly Mulshine*

*Since Molly’s the editor, she gets to have two favorite outfits of the year.

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