6 Smoking Hot Beach Reads for Sexually Liberated Babes

You might already have that perfect swimsuit you were lusting after, but no beach look is complete without a sexy paperback (or eBook download) to keep you entertained and enlightened.

If you’re looking for recommendations that go beyond “Fifty Shades of Grey,” then start with this list. I promise these books will leave you flustered and squirming in your high-cut one-piece.

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1. “Twist: A Dive Bar Novel” by Kylie Scott

Kylie Scott has been on the New York Times Bestseller list multiple times for her erotic romance novels, with playful one-word titles like “Lick” and “Dirty” and covers featuring hot muscular dudes with tattooed arms and the right amount of facial hair.

The thing is, though, her books are more than aesthetically pleasing. Kylie writes stories that could actually happen to you, which always makes erotica way hotter. In “Twist,” part of Kylie’s Dive Bar series, the characters are brought together through online dating, how almost everyone meets nowadays. (When was the last time someone told you she met the love of her life tilling land in the Scottish Highlands? Right, I thought so.)

Faithful to the title, this book comes with a twist that threatens to destroy an otherwise perfect romance. It’s also pretty funny, and packed with plenty of sex scenes that’ll make you consider reactivating your Tinder account.


2. “Sex Love Repeat” by Alessandra Torre

Next on this list is another Times bestseller, about a Venice Beach bunny and bookseller who finds herself in a love triangle between a venture capitalist and a “professional surfer.” If you think this sounds super cliche, at least admit it’s the summer tryst you wish you were having.

Now, I’m not going to lie — there’s a lot of sex in this book. Like, a lot. It starts within the first five pages. But there’s a pretty riveting story here, too. Alessandra also publishes a series of thrillers under the pseudonym A.R. Torre, so you can bet she knows how to write a page-turner. And anyway, you weren’t searching this list for highbrow literature, were you? (If you were, scroll down to #6).


3. “Kuntalini” by Tamara Faith Berger

If you haven’t read “Kuntalini,” then you must’ve snoozed through summer ‘16. It was only raved about by every indie and mainstream magazine that matters. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But it was reviewed by AnOther, TANK, and even W, who cleverly dubbed it “yoga erotica.”

To be honest, this book is weird AF. In fact, sometimes it’s downright gross — leftover sweat on a yoga mat gross — and I’m not even talking about the sex scenes. But it’s also the most sex-positive fic you’ll read all summer. It’ll inspire you to flush the toxins out of your life and start fresh; to recognize your realest self and own it. I won’t say much more — the book needs to be read to be believed — but I guarantee you won’t want to pass this up. Part one, alone, will leave you more out of breath than attempting an arched handstand.


4. “My Hot Wet Drone Summer” by Lex Brown

We’re all a little guilty of voyeurism. I mean, how many times have you started casually stalking Kylie Jenner’s Instagram feed and found yourself back in 2014? But in Lex Brown’s futuristic novel, set in 2056, this idea is taken to the extreme.

After dumping her cheating boyfriend for boning someone else, corporate lawyer and total babe Mia Garner is invited by her stepbrother on a business trip to meet a hot tech CEO with sinister intentions.

I don’t know about you, but so many erotic novels drag on and on, or they’re all porn and no plot. This is a smart book that gets straight to the juicy bits. Lex gives us glimpses into the lives of all her characters — who’s spying on whom doing what. You’ll see Mia get plenty of action, with the CEO and other men and women alike. (Hey, it’s the future — everybody’s bi.)

Hyper-detailed sex scenes make this one a scorcher. Plus, the book is filled with fun little X-rated sketches by the author, inserted at the start of every chapter. That and more will leave you so hot you’ll be clutching your piña colada.


5. “Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life” by Emily Nagoski

I know what you’re thinking: How the hell is a science book a beach read? Hear me out, though. This book will give you the skills to improve your sex life, which is what really matters anyway. You probably won’t finish it in the time it takes to tan, but hey, that’s cool. Let this one simmer.

Emily Nagoski unveils the newest sex science in super simplistic terms, and sets the record straight about a lot of the questions we still have about sex, like what squirting really is and why it’s def not the same as peeing. Or why some orgasms feel like an earthquake and others kind of just feel … eh. She’ll also reassure you that you’re not as weird and/or tragic as you thought you were, at least physically.

So, on your next trip to the beach, pack this book. Worst-case, its provocative cover might catch the eye of a fuckboy or two. At best, it’ll leave you burning to turn theory into practice. Just don’t get so caught up that you, like, literally burn. Sunburn isn’t sexy.


6. “Delta of Venus” by Anais Nin

This list would not be complete if I didn’t include this classic short story collection by the OG of sexual liberation. In the ‘30s, Anais Nin shacked up with Henry Miller (who wrote that other literary porno, “Tropic of Cancer”) for several years while she was in Paris, even though she was married to another guy. She also traveled to California, started dating some Shakespearean actor, and married him while she still had a husband. In other words, she led the kind of life you’ve always wanted to lead, or at least read about: carefree, worldly, and sordid.


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