6 Outfits to Trick Your BF’s Parents Into Thinking You’re Sweet & Innocent

Some girls seem to have come out the womb born to please parents. But if you’re reading this, you probably weren’t.

Unfortunately, your style of choice is probably grungy, thotty, BDSM-inspired, or bo-hoe. Whatever it is, it’s not a wardrobe that caters to brunches with your bae’s parents, or afternoon tea.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are six outfits that will make your boyfriend’s parents think you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him because they’ll think you’re sweet, innocent, and kindergarten-teacher-esque. Even better, you don’t have to leave your house to quickly transform your look ASAP. Here’s how to make your boo’s parents love you.

1. The “I’m Basically Cinderella”

I know, I know, Rent The Runway is overpriced and so not your style. But it’s probably your boyfriend’s mom’s style, isn’t it? Plus, you won’t have to stare at the horrifically preppy-girly thing ever again since you’re just renting it and not buying it. This dress is a conventionally pretty color, covers your bod, and cinches at the waist just enough to let them know that you’re not amorphous.

2. The “I’m A Ray of Fucking Sunshine”

What better way to show bae’s parents that you’re happy as fuck than to wear a bright yellow dress? Maybe the bright color will make you appear bright and sunny even if you’re not? This may not be the best choice for the first time meeting the parents, but it’s definitely a good look if you’ve met them a few times and you need a look that screams “virgin” but that you won’t sweat your ass off in. Plus, it’s only $24!

3. The “I’m A Little Spicy, But Also a Virgin”

If your boo’s parents are taking you guys out to walk around the city or nature park or some shit, you probably want to wear shorts. The trick is to wear shorts that actually cover your ass cheeks and aren’t ripped denim cut-offs. These Kendall + Kylie shorts almost look like a skirt, but will cover your vag if you decide to be a little active (but don’t open your legs too wide or they’ll think your a harlot!). The Free People tank is breezy without showing any cleavage, which is always a tough feat. Just make sure to wear a bra (sad, I know). Bonus points if you wear a cardigan on top.

4. The 70s Housewife

Here’s another good look that you can be semi-active in without looking dumb, but maybe wear shorts underneath just in case (also a cami). Just make sure if his mom asks you where you got your dress you don’t say Nasty Gal. Otherwise, florals are always a good call for pleasing the rents. Maybe you can even wear this dress again with combat boots and a military jacket on your own time to get your money’s worth.

5. The “I’m Classy As Fuck”

Sometimes, you just gotta step it up. This is the perfect dress if you’re attending a semi-fancy function with a bae’s parents that have their noses in the air. You won’t have to spend a shitload of money to impress them, and you’ll still look fab AND classy.

6. The “I’m Chic And Pure As Snow”


We all know that white screams “virgin,” right? Good, that’s why this look is great. Rompers seem very mom-ish, and this look is kinda retro but appropriate at the same time. Obviously, if you have the amazon legs of Taylor Swift, maybe skip this. But otherwise, it’s a fun look that you may get some wear out of besides the one visit to your boo’s mom’s house.

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