6 Gifts Ideas For The Rich Person Who Already Has Everything

We all have that one friend, or maybe multiple people in our life, who are rich and/or spoiled af. Whereas normally we’d hop into the sale section of Urban Outfitters and find some cutesy socks or earrings, this person practically wears designer underwear. He or she also has like, everything, so you’re almost tempted to throw in the towel and get them a joke gift. But nobody really likes joke gifts, c’mon. So instead, get them one of these things.

1. A Statement Making Coffee Table Book

Rich people have beautiful homes, and these beautiful homes have beautiful decor. What better way to compliment that decor than with a fab coffee table book to decorate their expensive living room? Sure, they may never read it, but it’ll make them look smart and cultured, even if they aren’t! Who doesn’t want that?

2. A Subscription Service


Candy Club, $27/month

Subscription services are a perfect example of things you really don’t need, but that you love anyway. I mean, everyone loves receiving packages, especially when they’re filled with rando knick knacks that you may forget about within the month. Subscription services have been popping off, so it should be easy for you to find one that fits with your giftee’s passions.

3. A Perfume

The Pinrose perfumes above allow you to upload your own photos and choose a scent, but even if you don’t feel like going the personal route, perfumes are nice, impersonal, and most seem fancy even if they’re not super expensive.

4. Anything From Shutterfly

Shutterfly is the real MVP when it comes to getting gifts for people that are tough to buy for. You can get your photos on anything, from coasters, to calendars, to jewelry. You can also get initials on flasks, glasses, and a ton of other shit. Also, once you sign up, you get a ton of coupons, so you can save some $ while getting them something that seems fancy.

5. A Coordinates Necklace

Okay, they’re a little basic, but people love them. And they’re cute and personal. The only thing is you kind of have to somehow get their fave coordinates out of them…

6. Groupon Sh*t

They’ve already got all the goods, but what about the services? A spa visit could be nice, or a yoga membership if they’re into that. Check out Groupon and see what’s available, just make sure to check out the reviews so that you don’t send them to some sketch shit.

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