6 Trends That Finally Died In 2016

If you went to fashion school, you know all about the trend life cycle.

But even if you didn’t, you’ve seen a trend go from cutting-edge, to basic, to embarrassing. While 2016 had us resurfacing a shitload of trends we grew up with (hello, chokers?), it also had us finally saying goodbye to some trends that lasted way too long, plus a few trends that only had 15 minutes of fame.

1. Ballet Flats

Remember when wearing a metallic pair of ballet flats with black tights was the coolest? Yeah, not so much anymore.

The mainstream acceptance of sneakers, even in the workplace, has made ballet flats go bye-bye. You can definitely still get away with a pair of pointed toe flats, or maybe the latest punky pair from Miu Miu, but otherwise you should maybe avoid the round-toed, bow-embellished pairs–unless you want to look like a elementary school teacher, in which case guys will probs love you.

2. Wedge Sneakers

LAGOON, las nuevas #wedgesneakers esperan por ti. #stevemaddenperu

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All the wedge-sneaker haters from back when they became trendy in 2012 can finally say “I told you so.” If you see someone wearing a pair of these today, you’ll feel like you just discovered a prehistoric fossil. Thankfully for those of us who crave height with our sneakers, the platform sneaker from the Spice Girls‘ era is alive and well.

3. Short AF Bandage Skirts

Let’s be real, bandage anything is a girl’s best friend. There’s a reason why people pay upwards of $1,000 for Herve Leger, because it’s basically photoshop in a dress. Brands like House of CB are still slaying the bandage dress game, but the barely there bandage skirts of the mid-2000s are pretty obsolete, with most everyone opting for longer bandage skirts and dresses that will help them to avoid flashing vag while exiting their Uber.

4. Padded Bras

Got a #boobjob @victoriassecret jk #bombshellbra #red #valentinesbra #blood #suckit #tittyfucker #faketits #forcheap

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Remember when nobody gave a fuck about asses and it was all about the tits? Yeah, how times have changed. While there’s nothing wrong with some serious curves in the front (although Vogue begs to differ), 2016 saw a big shift in girls embracing their natural size rather than buying out Victoria’s Secret’s stock of Bombshell bras. No bra was the new push-up bra, and if you’re wearing a bra at all, it’s probably a bralette.

5. Hi-Lo Skirts and Dresses

These were so cute and fun for a second! But now you’ll likely only find them on the Charlotte Russe clearance rack. Tragic.

6. Flash Tattoos

Flash Tattoos had about 15 seconds of fame before we all realized they were impossible to take off. Sure, their longevity could be seen as a bonus, but it’s not ideal for those of us that want to go to Coachella on Saturday and return to our office job on Monday.

Plus, they’re synonymous with sorority girls trying desperately to seem artsy, a vibe no one wants to take into the new year.

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