6 Trends Every Basic British B*tch Has Done to Death

London is a fashion forward city. But there are a lot of over-worn, unflattering outfits knocking about Oxford Street.

Londoners: please, let’s move on from these. And out-of-towners, I guess this is a guide if you want to look like every other girl?

1. Plaid Skirts

Although England is known for its rah rah boarding schools that have educated politicians, rock bands and more, it doesn’t mean that we need to be carrying the school skirt look with us. At graduation, it’s time to leave school behind — and your uniform. Naughty school girls are for Halloween, not running errands.

2. Tights

Due to the miserable weather that is bestowed upon England, come September every girl has black tights on through to April. Tights can look cute with a mini dress, but not all the time! Knee high boots are so much more flattering, and they won’t need replacing all the time because of ladders and rips.

3. Nike

To demonstrate that us Londoners can be edgy and not so stuck up, we have taken on a love for Nike Air Force One sneakers. If you opt for the all white, they will never weather the rain and mud that is every day life in London.

4. Bucket Hat

The Bucket Hat phenomenon started at university raves all around England. Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a good party/rave trend… but only when they’re actually at a rave. Not midday walking through Kensington High Street. The bucket hat will never be attractive in daylight. No one can pull them off as well as Crossroads Britney anyway.

5. Crop Tops

I’ve always been a fan of the crop top. However, it’s become overdone in London. Its easy to think that a crop top goes with everything (cause it kind of does). But sometimes a baggy jumper and a mini skirt will look even cuter and stop your navel from getting frost bite.

6. Denim, Denim, Denim

You know how leather jackets are a thing in New York? Well denim jackets are a thing in London. The minute the weather forecast isn’t torrential rain, an array of denim jackets are seen parading the streets. Dark denim, light denim, vintage denim. Put down the denim and find something different! We all love a good J-Lo moment but not if you’re the 100th one in the crowd.

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