Our New Fave HBIC & House Of CB CEO Has Advice For Future Designers

There’s not much we love more than a HBIC kicking ass and taking names. Thats why we were so excited to sit down, CHAT and snap some photos of Conna Walker, CEO and Head Designer of House of CB, a womenswear brand from London whose styles have graced some of the hottest bods in Hollywood. From her humble beginnings re-selling clothes on eBay, to having Miss Jenny from the block herself rocking one of her styles on her latest album cover, Conna gives us a little insight into the life of a modern designer.

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Interview: Alexandra Mandelkorn
Photography: Angelo Kritikos

Tell us about the early days of House of CB! How did you get started?

At first, I just started by buying pieces and selling them on eBay. I was seventeen at the time, so everyday after school, I was answering emails and packaging up shipments to be sent out. I remember I had a little blackberry and I would be answering emails during my free time at school! The eBay store ended up getting really popular so I had someone build a site for me and from there, we started designing our own pieces. I wasn’t finding things that I really loved and wanted so I decided to make them myself. Since then, we’ve been designing everything in house and thats where we are today!

Tell us a little about your role as head designer.

It started out with me drawing (in my really bad way!) designs I wanted and working very closely with the factories to make them come to life. After doing that for a while, I hired some designers and now I explain them what Im looking for and they come up with a few variations and I consult with them on how to make it exactly what I want.

How did you come up with the name House of CB?

At first we were called Celeb Boutique. We started with that name because we were a place where you could shop to get that ‘celebrity’ look. When we started designing things, we found that celebrities were actually wearing our pieces and their stylists were calling in requesting looks. The feedback was that celebrity clients really loved the styles but always mentioned that they thought the name was kind of silly for them. With that new information, we decided to make a name change. We didn’t want to alienate our original customer base, so we kept the CB and just put ‘House of’ in front of it, since we now design everything ourselves. It really came from business growth. 

Who is the typical ‘CB Doll’?

She’s in her early 20s, not a party girl per se but definitely sociable. She loves to dress nicely in form fitting silhouettes. Our celebrity icons would be J Lo and Kim Kardashian – glamorous and strong women!

Who else is at the top of your list to wear House of CB?

Im a huge Beyonce fan so she definitely tops the list. If she wore it I think I would cry! We love dressing big models too. We had Irina Shayk wear some of our pieces which is great. We love those kind of Victoria Secret girls!

Where do you find your inspiration?

For me, it often stems from an idea of something I really want and not being able to find it anywhere. Before, it used to be a lot of magazine and now its mostly instagram! I get inspiration from peoples outfits and even just seeing beautiful colors. Im in love with blush pink right now.

If you could give Galore girls one piece of advice when it comes to fashion, what would it be?

Be adventurous and try new things, but know what shapes and silhouettes work for you! If you have a good silhouette, everything else falls into place!

Tell us you top three wardrobe essentials.

1. A pencil skirt, because you can always just tuck in a t shirt and throw on a pair of heels and your good to go!

2. A good pair of skinny jeans, I prefer mine distressed

3. A good fitting, knee length bandage dress



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Photos By Angelo Kritikos

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