5 Sneaky Ways to Look Better on Instagram

Whether you admit it or not, we’ve all done things for the ‘gram before.

Maybe you ordered a bacon cheeseburger instead of a salad because it’d make a more drool-worthy pic, or maybe you climbed up on a rock to make sure the background of your snap had an insane view.

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And, of course, your outfits are always crafted differently if you know you’re going to an event where lots of pics will be taken.

But what outfits are best for taking a lit af Instagram pic? Well, why not ask someone who gets photos taken of their #ootd for a living? We talked to Rachel Parcell, the blogger behind Pink Peonies, for tips and tricks to crafting the ultimate Instagrammable outfit.

1. Add Sunglasses and a Bold Lip

The cool thing about sunglasses? It takes out one equation of getting the perfect face in a pic. Seriously, all you really have to worry about is your mouth, no smizing necessary. Likewise, a bold lip immediately makes you look put together, even if you rolled out of bed 30 minutes ago.

“Whenever I’m heading out the door for a shoot I always have a cute pair of sunglasses and a bold statement lip,” says Rachel.

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2. Invest In a Steamer

Rachel’s number one investment for killer Instagram pics? It’s not a pair of designer heels or a contour kit, it’s actually something way more practical — a steamer.

“It can look really tacky and add weight if your clothing isn’t laying right and is wrinkled or bunched up,” she says.

Yes, steaming your clothes is work, but getting them to lay right will also make you #werk.

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3. Move Ya Body

Sorority arm is so 2016.

The hot Instagram poses of today are all about squatting, popping out your leg, and humping the wall. Or, quite simply, moving around instead of posing like a mannequin — even if there are people around.

“When I first started blogging I felt so self conscious while posing for photoshoots because I was worried about who would see me and what they would think,” says Rachel. “I literally just stood there and my photos looked so awkward.”

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Rachel soon realized that her outfits really popped when she moved

“Whether it’s twirling, walking, popping a foot, or laughing,” she says. “When I stopped caring what people thought of me and started moving around my photos turned out so much better.”

4. Avoid Millennial Pink

This is a shocker, since most ‘grammers cling to millennial pink like it’s the new black, but Rachel says that the super light shade doesn’t show up well in photos.

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“My tips for photographing pink clothing is to make sure that you shoot in the daylight with plenty of natural light,” says Rachel. “If you shoot too early or too late it won’t photograph well and won’t show the color it really is.”

5. Tack On The Texture

Since the camera is said to add 10 pounds, your instinct might be to wear a skin tight lewk so that there’s no confusion about how rockin’ your bod is. While that’s not the worst idea, more texture actually makes for the type of outfit pic that’ll stop you in your tracks. Plus, you’re less likely to be self-conscious if your stomach looks weird in a certain pic or whatever.

“Textures usually photograph well,” says Rachel. “Like a ruffle top or a long sleeved shirt with bell sleeves, or a chiffon pleated skirt.”

Just like some makeup looks great on Instagram and crazy IRL, clothes are kind of the same. When in doubt, more is more.

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