9 Emo Thots To Follow On Instagram

When you think of the term “Instagram famous” you probably think of a hot model-type babe who prances around in bright yellow bikinis and snaps selfies in straw hats that say “always on vacay.”

But thankfully, the internet is a big place, and not everyone killing the Instagram game is a wannabe Victoria’s Secret model or an aspiring mommy blogger.

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In fact, there are a ton of babes killing it on IG who fall into a special category that I like to call “emo thots.”

Okay, maybe these girls wouldn’t classify themselves as emo or thots, but I call myself an emo thot because I love black, skulls, spikes, and wearing sexy little outfits. These girls seem to also and you should definitely check out their pages if you need a little gothic sex appeal or a intense makeup tutorial in your life from time to time.

1. @deathcandy

Death Candy

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This UK-based influencer is basically the holy grail of goth-chic influencers. There’s a reason she has 126k followers, and it might have something to do with her killer makeup selfies, shoe porn shots accessorized with skulls, and hilarious Marilyn Manson memes.

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2. @nesssissnearlyheadless


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If anyone ever told you that goth girls aren’t sexy, you need to show them Ness’s page. She mostly posts modeling type pics in edgy lingerie and rave bb get-ups, and if you’re trying to find a festival look that’s far from boho, you’ll have plenty of inspo from her page.

3. @missmary666

Happy Valentine’s day.

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Marie looks exactly how every former punk-rock teen wants to look when they grow up: elegant, badass, and f-in gorgeous. She also flawlessly pulled off that whole Paris Hilton/Kendall Jenner silver draped mini dress.

4. @barbiebeth

Hanna Beth is arguably one of the first influencers due to her popularity with scene kids on Myspace. She’s not quite as Hot-Topic-esque these days, but she’s still got some emo swag.

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5. @theminadoll

Tryna be cute with some boxes of fruit

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If Mina’s killer style isn’t enough to draw you in, her constantly changing hair will be. Her feed is a slew of shots from killer parties and photoshoots from her modelings gigs with a sprinkle of selfies, and they’ll all make you want to die your hair a crazy color.

6. @lilith_levisis

Lilith Levisis has one of those black hole Instagram pages. Once you find yourself looking at one selfie of her ridiculous hipbones, you might as well block off two hours of your schedule because you’re going to scroll down to the damn bottom of her feed.

7. @shoddylynn


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If you don’t know Shoddy Lynn by name, you probably know her company, Dolls Kill. Naturally, Shoddy’s IG is full of the same dope style inspo that you can find on Dolls Kill, just a little more personal.

8. @xdeceiver

rainy days call for junk food & overwatch

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If makeup is your thing, you need to check out Amber’s page for some killer inspo for bold eyes, dark lips, and constantly changing hair — along with some occasional #emocouplegoals pics of her and her bae.

9. @_courtkneelove

Sorry to my family but I still go to the goth bar when I’m home

A post shared by COURTNEY ASLANIDIS (@_courtkneelove) on

Just like you, Courtney’s favorite color seems to be black. Whether she’s slaying a no-makeup-makeup look or showing off a new tattoo, she’ll add some dark beauty to your feed for sure.

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