Hero Teen Smacks Gun Away From Kid Who Tried To Steal Her Chicken Nugs

The fact that kids are toting guns around these days is disturbing. But do you know what’s more disturbing? That a girl can’t eat her McDonald’s chicken nuggets in peace without getting a gun held to her head by a Hamburglar.

A recent story reported fully by New York Daily News is both terrifying and inspiring, which is why we’ve detailed it here.

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On Tuesday, A 13-year-old Harlem girl was livin’ life, enjoying some McDonald’s, when suddenly some 12-year-old loser from her class approached her and asked for a chicken nugget.

When she said no (as most of us would in the same situation), he followed her to the subway station and pulled what appeared to be a gun to her head, while again asking for a nug.

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But our nugget-loving hero did not get flustered. Instead, she simply smacked the gun away from her head and told him to leave her alone.

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She reported the wannabe nugget-thief to her school the next day, and the suspect was arrested, his case referred to family court.

Just another day of delivering fast food justice, wouldn’t you say?

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