10 Tips On Finding Your Soulmate From Pop Duo New Portals

For those of you lucky enough to have snagged a significant other or soon-to-be, Indie Pop Duo New Portals has put together their top ten tips on how to make your relationship work in almost every situation — and for those of you of haven’t NBD, you can take note of these tips for future endeavors.

The duo made up of Ruth and Mike Aicken have been together for twenty years and have been making sweet sweet music together (without killing each other) on stage and at home. Their newest single, “Stereo,” was actually written for another artist about the early stages of love. The duo says, “We decided we really liked it so thought we’d give it a whirl.” The song has a super dance-y chorus that’ll have you singing along — and trying to do the choreography — in no time.

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As for the killer visuals of the Irish countryside and amazing contemporary dancers, the duo tells us, “We knew we wanted some movement and energy so [we] pulled in two girlfriend dancers and the whole thing just snowballed. A lot of it was off the cuff creativity, which we love.” Way to be random and make magic, eh?

Of their working relationship vs. married relationship, Ruth says, “We have the ability (which comes from being married) to be really frank and honest with each other — which can be great or it can be brutal and we can hurt each other’s feelings easily if we don’t like the other person’s idea!” Talk about #relationshipgoals.

As for how you can make romance magic of your own, check their tips out below and give their new video for “Stereo” a watch.

Top 10 Tips for Finding Your Soulmate and Making it Work From Ruth

1. I actually think everyone has more than one soulmate, it’s more about making the conscious decision to make it work, figure it out, grow and evolve together.

2. My mum and dad were always starting businesses growing up using their talents together in fun projects. Sometimes the projects worked and sometimes they didn’t. The point being that the age old cliche of couples who play together, stay together & I think it’s true!

3. When you’re in a serious relationship and you’ve decided to make this thing work, you really just can’t beat respecting each other at all times.

4. It’s key when in a relationship to be slow to anger in most situations. Talk it out instead of jumping to conclusions.

5. Try not to make assumptions about each other. You will most of the time get it wrong as we are always evolving and you will end up really ticking off the other person. For example, Mike might assume that I don’t want to go out on a Saturday night because we’ve been working hard all week, when all I need is to let my hair down!

6. Don’t expect an issue or a problem to get better just because you get married. An old fashioned idea is that the & sacredness of marriage is enough to cancel out any problems. I learned that in fact it does the opposite, marriage can HIGHLIGHT problems. It must be because of the intense dynamic of the marriage partnership.

7. We spent some time in NYC in the autumn to play some shows and when talking to New Yorkers after the shows, I was blown away with how many of these young cool professionals were meeting on dating apps. It seemed really great and progressive to me. Back at home in Ireland, we still have a long way to go before this would ever be considered cool and not a desperate measure. We say: go for it!

8. The best Valentine’s gifts I think are usually experiences over things, or maybe that’s just me! But the best Valentine’s Day present I think I’d want this year would be for Mike to actually cook me a really interesting meal. We are vegans so you need to know what you’re doing in the kitchen and do your research if you are gonna make delicious food – so it’s more about the effort.

9. Look for someone who will stay with you at your worst and best times. Having someone that will be there for you when you’re a blubbering mess or as happy as can be tells you [that] you have a keeper.

10. I asked my grandpa who I was hanging with today for any advice and he said “Tis loving and giving that makes life worth living.” He and my nana are 60 years married. I love that!

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