10 Things That Can Trick You Into Thinking An Ugly Guy Is Hot

Besides too many tequila shots, there are some other things that can get you confused as to if a dude is a 10 or a 2. Sure, looks aren’t everything, but we’ve all had a moment where we thought a dude was smoking and then we realized that we only thought he was sexy because he had tats, or because he had a British accent.

If you’re not trying to regret a hook-up once you take your rose-colored glasses off, pay attention to these tricks that can take an average looking dude to sex-god status.

1. Tattoos

Take your favorite tatted up hottie and imagine him without any of his “meaningful” ink. Justin Bieber without tats would probably still look like the pre-pubescent boy that sang “Baby,” Adam Levine without tats would look like every other semi-scrawny hipster dude walking around the streets of NYC.

2. Piercings

Piercings work similar to tats if you’re into them. I’ll never forget the time I noticed that a mutual friend of mine (who was NOT attractive) had a cartilage piercing, and somehow I suddenly found him attractive. Obviously, this doesn’t work with all piercings because chicks don’t tend to salivate over guys with belly rings or nipple bars, but a perfectly placed lip ring or septum piercing can do wonders.

3. A Perfectly Tailored Suit

Never discredit the power of a good tailor. Why do you think your fave celebs always look flawless? Because they can afford to get everything perfectly fitted to them. A dude in a custom tailored suit can probably fuck whoever he wants as long as his face isn’t completely busted. Not only does a perfectly fitted suit make a guy’s body look banging, but it also makes him look powerful, rich, and important. And who doesn’t like that?

4. Swag

Sometimes, a guy doesn’t have tats, piercings, or even good style, but you still for some ungodly reason find his ugly ass attractive. I call this swag. This dude’s kind of douchey, kind of cocky, and probably can dance or some shit. You know he’s ugly and kind of an ass, but you still kind of want to fuck him.

5. A Great Sense of Humor

“If you can get a girl to laugh, you can get a girl to do anything,” is actually pretty true. Think about your favorite male comedian. You probably think he’s hot, even if he looks like a total dweeb. A sense of humor is everything. Tell your ugly brother to start practicing his stand-up routine, like, now.

6. Being Famous

If other people think someone is hot, it makes you kind think their hot, even if you don’t realize it. When you add that affect to the fact that a dude is in a band, is rich, or knows Jennifer Lawrence, he’s suddenly fuckable. But if you took that sexy actor or guitarist or whatever and put him in a McDonald’s worker uniform, you’d prob look at him way differently.

7. A Hot Girlfriend

There’s a reason why every old rich dude wants a hot girlfriend, because it suddenly makes them hotter. If a hot, cool girl is into a dude, it makes other girls assume that there’s a reason for that. The reason might be because the dude is her sugar daddy, but still.

8. A Plain Crewneck

The holy grail of hot guy clothing for a chill atmosphere. Fuck “cool” graphics or expensive labels, there’s nothing sexier than a guy in a plain crewneck t-shirt, especially if it’s paired with nicely fitted denim.

9. A Foreign Accent

A foreign accent is one of the few times when a guy actually gets hotter after opening his mouth. I mean British dudes legit take pilgrimages to American universities just because they know they’ll get laid so much, even if they have bad teeth or are balding or whatever. The best way to fight against this is to get used to accents. Start hanging out with more foreigners and you’ll slowly develop an immunity to wanting to bang anything with an accent.

10. Facial Hair

Beards are the male-form of makeup. If a dude’s face is less fortunate looking, he can grow a huge beard to cover it up. Even better, unlike dudes who “hate” makeup, girls love beards for some reason, even though beard-burn is a serious thing. But if dudes say they want to take a girl swimming on the first date, you should take him shaving on the first date.

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