Justin Bieber Gave a Tour of His House Without Letting Anyone Inside

When Justin Bieber isn’t on tour or spending quality time with his dick on vacation, he’s probably chilling in his house in LA, which he describes as “so lit.”

Recently, BBC Radio 1 host Clara Amfo set out to take a tour of said “lit” house, but she never made it past the basketball court.


Maybe the maid had taken the week off, maybe it’s just because he genuinely likes basketball, or maybe he figured it was the best way to distract the radio host from asking him any hard-hitting questions.

Seriously, over half of this interview is just them playing basketball.

It’s not lit.

At least along the way you get a tour of his fishing pond that’s too dirty to eat fish from, his “wisdom tree” and the inflatable water slide he just got “for his sister” that he seems very unenthusiastic about.


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