10 Rock Star Sons Who Are Hot AF

If I were alive in the 80s, you know you would have found me on Sunset Boulevard fangirling it up with some winged eyeliner and leather pants.

I know if I were born a decade or two earlier, I would be the girl defined as a groupie following the hot rock stars on tour, yet I was born in the 90s so unfortunately that was not my fate. Social media has completely changed the way we fan girl and even interact with the celebrities. To be able to hook up with or even say hi to Harry Styles, (which is a dream of mine) is long gone in this day and age.

If you don’t have some kind of hookup to get you into their circle, celebs tend to stay isolated. The casual rendezvous with a rock star does not have the thrill and grunge it used to for that reason, and my jealousy lies with the woman who killed it during that peak in music time.

But… God Bless the musical legends of the 70s and 80s that knocked up those hotties, which led to babies who now have unreal genetics. Maybe we can slide into their DMs?

1. Nick Simmons, son of Gene Simmons

❤️🍷 Cheers #nyc. Till next time. ✈️

A photo posted by Nick T. Simmons (@nicktsimmons) on

For those of you that grew up watching “Family Jewels” like I did, you always have had a crush on Gene.

You can find this 27-year-old hottie regularly hanging out with models in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Besides hanging out with models, he writes for various magazines and kills it on his Instagram stories, which is a great reason to follow him.

2. Sean Lennon, son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Sean’s father John, is probably one of the most influential men within this list. Additionally his mother Yoko Ono is just as powerful as his father, being a musician and a peace activist. This cutie is the frontman of his own band now, and looks like he would know the best coffee shops around the world.

3. James Jagger, son of Mick Jagger

Trolling Deep @joshludloworld

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One of many of Mick Jagger’s beautiful children, James Jagger is one of the oldest, and the one that looks most identical to his father. Like his supermodel sisters, James has landed major modeling campaigns including one for Jimmy Choo, and an acting career appearing on HBO.

4. Gabriel Jagger, son of Mick Jagger

To add on to the family with unreal genetics, one of the youngest in the Jagger family is Gabriel Jagger. Gabriel is such a cutie but MIA with no social media, which has to leave us to imagine what he is doing.

5. Levi Dylan, grandson of Bob Dylan


A photo posted by Levi Dylan (@levidylan6) on

Though this hottie is not a direct offspring, his grandpa is a legend, and most importantly he is too good looking to leave off this list. He’s also got a hot rock star dad — Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers — so he’s a double whammy. Levi is a successful model, and you can see why.

6. Miles Richie, son of Lionel Richie (and brother of Sofia and Nicole)

Gym flow

A photo posted by Miles Richie (@bobbyskallywags) on

Miles comes from a family with lots of fame. He has a bad boy image that is too sexy not to drool over, and a lifestyle that we would all love to live. You can find him posting pictures of himself, as well as his family, where he shows the softer side of his personality.

7. Diggy Simmons, son of Rev. Run

DC Love🙏🏾 ShotBy:@Troublshooting

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Diggy is someone most of us saw grow up while watching MTV’s Run’s House. Now the son of Rev Run has a rap career of his own. He posts many shirtless pictures like the one above on his instagram, and he also has a killer smile. 100% you need to follow him for those two reasons alone.

8. Jethro Cave, son of Nick Cave

Like a few others on the list this babe does not have social media. Jethro is a international model, which is why I couldn’t help but place him on this list. His bad boy image has placed him in many famous magazines and runway shows since 2008. He has the type of grunge and coolness you can’t help but fall in love with.

9. Logan Romero Plant, son of Robert Plant

Logan has a father whose band is a household name and considered one of the kings of rock. In a slight change of career path, this handsome man chose a job still close to our hearts. He is the owner and brewer of a brewery called the Beavertown Brewery. Hot and makes alcohol for a living, say no more.

10. Braison Cyrus, son of Billy Ray Cyrus (and brother of Miley)


A photo posted by Braison Cyrus (@braison.cyrus) on

Out of all of the famous artists’ children, I was most surprised to read about Braison. MILEY HAS A HOT MODEL BROTHER THAT I HAD NO CLUE ABOUT. Maybe I was just uninformed but Braison has a large social media following and a rugged sexiness that made me follow him.

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