10 early 2000s movies that’ll give you major throwback style inspo

In case you haven’t noticed, 2000’s fashion is back in full swing.

It started with little details, like denim skirts or chokers, but it’s elevated majorly. You could wear an exact replica of an outfit you wore in 2005 to the bar tonight and everyone would think you were super fashion forward and probs important.

But if you grew up on the tail end of the early 2000s, or you just weren’t fashion forward back then, you might not be able to pull out your Juicy tracksuit from the back of your closet and suddenly be naughties chic. That’s where 2000s classic films come in for inspo.

And when I say “classic” films, I say it lightly. These are mostly romcoms and cult classics, not Oscar winners. But, let’s be real, they’re way more entertaining than “deep” movies – and with better fashion, obvi.

I didn’t include Mean Girls on the list, because you could probably recite the movie to me word for word at this point, here are some deeper cuts.

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1. Coyote Ugly


Take a look at each one of these outfits, and try to imagine your fave model wearing them today. You def wouldn’t bat an eyelash, unless you were noticing how f-ing cute the lewk was. And every scene in Coyote Ugly is filled with just as great style inspo, we promise.

2. New York Minute


Yes, that is Mary Kate Olsen wearing a Metallica shirt as a fashion statement, way before every celebrity you know did it. Ashley’s fashion choices in the film aren’t quite as goals (she’s supposed to be the brainy, goody goody twin in this movie), but there are some killer fashion moments that involve them having to find new lewks in the big apple.

3. My Date With The President’s Daughter


Remember when Disney movies used to be good? Or, maybe they just seemed good because you were a baby. Either way, there’s no denying that this baby pink velvet dress is goals. And if you’re looking for something a little more utilitarian, this two piece shorts set from Dolls Kill look like the dress’ modern cousin.

4. Josie & The Pussycats


Thankfully, people aren’t still wearing cat ears around to accessorize their outfits (Right? They’re done?), but that doesn’t mean we can gloss over Josie and her crew’s killer sequined leopard ‘fits and asymmetrical crop tops. Download “3 Small Words” onto your workout playlist while you’re at it!

5. Spice World


Okay, technically this movie was released in the late 90’s, but it deserves to be on this list. I mean, Baby Spice’s outfit in this scene looks straight outta your fave edgy blogger’s Instagram. From the platform boots, to the baggy pants, to the bodysuits – this movie has all the lewks you’re going to want to wear this summer.

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6. The Hot Chick


Before Rachel McAdams was Regina George, she was Jessica Spencer, another blond queen bee. But instead of getting undermined by her sidekicks and getting run over by a bus, she switches bodies with a dude.

But regardless of the body switching and the hilarious punchlines, Jessica and her crew wear some lit af outfits. Also, the movie is a classic chick flick that even your boyfriend will find hilarious.

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7. Legally Blonde


Even if millennial pink isn’t your color, you can’t deny that Elle Woods had swag – especially compared to all her boring turd classmates at Harvard law. Maybe you can reinvent her iconic sequined bikini as a thong version for 2017?

8. Thirteen


Elle Woods too girly for you? Maybe you should watch “Thirteen,” one of a very few movies that my mom really, really didn’t want me to watch as a kid. The movie is like a horror film for moms, and it involves a girl turning 13, getting a new friend, and running wild on sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. Besides her affinity for free-balling (no bra, no panties), she and her biffle have some great DIY thot attire moments.

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9. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen


Would you just take a look at Megan Fox playing queen bee and wearing the monochromatic white on white look that so many celebs have been wearing lately? Before her time, truly. There’s also a scene where Lindsay Lohan’s character rocks a fishnet top under a t-shirt, so fetch!

10. Bend It Like Beckham


Bend it Like Beckham might be a movie based around soccer, but I think this screengrab shows you all you need to know about the fashion inspo. Was this before or after Paris Hilton rocked this look? Definitely before Kendall did.

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