How To Rock Ruffles This Summer While Still Looking Badass

Unlike the “trends” that have been overdone, ruffles are a relatively new one that hasn’t already been worn all over your Instagram feed.

And the reason why it hasn’t been brought down to the masses yet is because it’s kind of tough to wear. Like, yes, the 2000s are back and all, but you’re not trying to wear a skirt like this at the club (not yet, anyway). Plus, ruffles are usually associated with girly-girls, and that’s not everyone’s thing.

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But there are plenty of ways to wear ruffle details without looking like you’re still following style tips from Gossip Girl characters, take it from Tia, the designer behind Slashed by Tia.

Her latest designs feature ruffles, but instead of screaming “prissy betch,” they scream “bad bitch who’s way cooler than you.”

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The two-piece sets feature ruffled sleeves and slacks in bougie fabrics that are def the right stuff to get you photographed by a street style photographer. And if you’re trying to incorporate more ruffles into your wardrobe, you can always try a band tee with ruffle embellishments, a tropical romper, or dare we say – a swimsuit?

And, just saying, the girls rocking them are pretty cool too.

Gen Vega, Bri SeppeMaria BeltrePhaé, and Taylor Moss are all slaying in this photo series and video where they prove that you can rock ruffles and still look streetwear savvy and cool af.

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