How To Rock a Denim Skirt Without Looking Like a Ghost From 2005

Only the bold and seriously 2000s-obsessed rocked jean skirts this past fall, but now the denim skirt is officially back with a vengeance.

But just like Juicy Couture and rhinestones, there’s an art to rocking mid-2000s trends. If you don’t do it correctly, you’ll just look like you’re wearing your old Abercrombie minis from middle school and you haven’t kept up with the times.

But let’s be real, you totally miss your Abercrombie mini, and you’re hyped to see the jean skirt come back. Here’s how to rock it without looking like your 12-year-old self.

1. Go Long


Blue High Waisted Midi Denim Skirt, $36, Missguided

While the early 2000s had us all flashing ass under our barely there Hollister mini skirts that we consistently got dress-coded for, the new take on the jean skirt is a little classier. Opt for a much more practical and current denim vibe with a midi skirt that hits at all the right places. Plus, this way you won’t have to sit your bare ass on a Subway seat!


2. Get Grungey


MOTO Lace Highwaisted Skirt, $65, Topshop

Another surefire way to make you look like a ghost from 2005 is if you pull a denim skirt into a preppy look. That’s a major no-no. In 2017, we’re pairing jean skirts with band tees, not polos. And skip the “luxury” logos on your butt pockets, that’s not hot.

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3. Metallize It


Moto High Waist Metallic Denim Miniskirt, $65, Topshop

Regardless of the current trends of denim skirts and metallic coating, this Barbie dream house skirt is way too cute to pass up. If you’re not feeling the pink, it also comes in a cool silver. But seriously, this is a great way to amp up a jean skirt’s glam factor without looking like an extra from “The Simple Life.”


4. Add Some Embroidery


Whitney Embroidered Denim Skirt, $21, Boohoo

Believe it or not, the denim skirt wasn’t invented by 2000s thots, it was invented by hippies in the 70s who wanted to recycle their jeans. Give your denim skirt a 70s free loving vibe rather than a 00s teen with a flip phone vibe by adding some embroidery.

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5. Or Some Lace-Up Details


Blue Lace Up Superstretch Mini Skirt, $40, Missguided

Yes, lace-up tee shirts have been everywhere. But take a new spin on the jean skirt by trying one like this, with some cool lace-up detail for an updated look.


6. Buy It In Black


Denim Original High Waisted Skirt in Washed Black, $38, ASOS

When all else fails, buy it in black. It’ll be less in-your-face jean skirt, it’ll match better with everything else you own, and there’s no chance anyone will confuse it for Abercrombie. Why? Because any die hard Abercrombie fan knows they never made anything in black. Duh!


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