Juicy Couture Is Officially Being Sold at Urban Outfitters

The Juicy Couture Revolution we’ve been talking about for a year now is in full force at Urban Outfitters.

Yesterday, Urbs launched its exclusive Juicy Couture x Urban Outfitters collection, featuring a wide array of velour sweat suits, rompers and cheeky shorts.

Now I know, I know, Urban Outfitters is so 2000 and late, but that’s what makes this such a genius move!

Shopping at Urban Outfitters hasn’t technically been cool since the 2000s, and up until now, neither was dusting off your old Juicy Couture sweatsuits for a walkabout.

But now, everything’s changing.

“Urban Outfitters has found great success in our collaborations with brands that are embracing the nostalgia factor,” the press release for the collection states. “The Juicy Couture for Urban Outfitters collection allows us to curate the iconic tracksuit style of the early aughts for today’s customer.”

And let me tell you, they did an A+ job — and some of the pieces won’t even cost you an arm and a half of a leg!

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Like this ripped straight of J. Lo’s 2000-era body jumpsuit.


This cute af cropped zip up that encourages you to “be juicy.”


And this bralette that every chic stoner needs in her life.


Literally, all of those cost less than $50.

Are you dying? Because I’m dying.

Actually, correction: I’m living and dying for this collection.

This literally isn’t even sponsored content, I’m just so happy the Juicy Couture revolution we’ve been talking about forever is finally starting to catch on.

And just in case you’re keeping score, this is another trend you can totally blame on the Kardashians.

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Nobody was even talking about Juicy Couture again until Kim Kardashian posted a TBT to her Juicy Days on her app.

We’ve been on the Juicy Couture revival beat ever since.

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Thanks, Kimmy.

We owe you one for this.

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