Your back to school movie persona based on astrology

Astrology can explain a lot of things, like why you compulsively need to be a part of every school musical or why you are plotting to murder your classmates named Heather. Crazy isn’t it?

Back to school is seriously a fresh start. You probably have some idea of what look you’re going for this fall but do you know which movie or TV persona your vibe is totally syncing with?

Don’t worry, we’re highly skilled in astrology (see: Which fidget spinner trick are you based on your zodiac sign for proof) and can tell you which back to school persona you’re channeling based on your zodiac sign. Find out below!


Josie Geller from Never Been Kissed

You’re a great listener which is why everyone at lunch is so stoked to have you at their lunch table! And you’re super independent which means you might be MIA on the weekends doing your own thing. And now that we think about it…you’re pretty mature for your age… Are you sure you’re not an undercover journalist?


Cher from Clueless

Falling asleep in class? As if! But daydreaming? Definitely. Do you even know what class you’re in? Ok but let’s be real, your intuitive artistic talent is totally going to get you through the semester.


Nancy Downs from The Craft

It’s your world Aries, and we’re just living in it! You definitely have things all figured out and don’t be surprised when everyone wants you on their team for gym class. You can be a little aggro and probably scared the freshman already, but don’t worry, we know you mean well.

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Penny Proud from The Proud Family

You’re super ambitious and getting a B is so not goals for you… but try not to stress. You’re reliable and everyone knows that, which is why you’re probably the best lab partner ever. Don’t forget to have fun too though! Maybe make friends with the stoner kids and chill out a little.


Tia & Tamara from Sister Sister

You are arriving on campus in style! And so are your other personalities. Who’s going to show up on the first day? We know a Gemini hates routine, but don’t let that get you down. You guys are pretty social so you should have no problem getting back into the swing of things.


Sandy from Grease

Seriously, Cancer, do you even know yourself? Your classmates sure don’t, which is why you might as well be a transfer student from Australia. You are super imaginative and probably reinvented yourself for the fall. Did you go blonde perhaps? Maybe take up smoking in the parking lot? A new summer bf? But when it comes down to it, you have a great heart and will definitely make friends in no time.


Sharpay from High School Musical

You aren’t playing with this first day of school outfit thing. In fact you probably have already signed up for the school play, the soccer team, and student council. But mostly just to be social right? There’s nothing casual about you but people will be drawn to your warm personality and outgoing nature for sure.


Veronica from The Heathers

You’re already analyzing things, but that’s just your introverted nature. You like to keep to yourself and can probably be found in the library or art classroom. Just try to avoid making friends with anyone named Heather and things will probably be fine this year.

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You’re super diplomatic which is why everyone wants you to solve their problems, and you’re probably wondering why you’re even here. Don’t worry Libra, school is going to fly by and the next thing you know, you’ll be sitting in a Think Coffee with your intellectual peers discussing a novel you just wrote. All in good time!


Kathryn from Cruel Intentions

You can be pretty calculating, which is why you may have spent the summer planning some sort of elaborate revenge plan on your ex. Try not to get caught up in any schemes just yet, Scorpio. You’re super resourceful so maybe channel your strong energy into something more positive like maybe the math club. Hey, the limit does not exist!

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Melody from Josie and the Pussycats

Your super exciting summer of backpacking through Europe has inspired you to try something new this semester: you’re going to start a band. Why not, Sag? You’re pretty adventurous, although your lack of commitment might mean you don’t follow through. But, even if you don’t actually get around to starting a band, who says you can’t dress like it?


Dionne from Clueless

No doubt about it, you had your first day of school outfit planned since the last day of school last year. You’re responsible and totally show up to class uber prepared and ready to go. Rumor has it, you’re running for student body president which makes sense because you are totally down to take control and add a little style to the school.

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