11 teen movies that will make you hate back-to-school season less

The best part about fall is the weather. It’s the perfect temperature outside to cozy up with ur bf and watch a good movie.

But the worst part is the fact that summer’s over and real life is kicking back into high gear. Whether that includes heading back to school for you or not, it’s a bummer.

So to help remedy the end of summertime sadness, we put together a list of movies to get you back into that school mindset, because let’s be honest, none of us are ready for summer to end.

1. The Heathers

Such a cult classic and my personal fave, this movie is so satisfying because everyone gets what’s coming to them. Karma is a real bitch in this one and Winona Ryder is everything I wish I was.

2. The Breakfast Club

How can you not love a movie that’s basically about smoking a doobie in the fucking library?

3. Clueless

Forever a fashion inspo for us at Galore, Cher reminds us that popularity really doesn’t matter if you aren’t happy with yourself. And regardless of how self-centered she might appear to be, Cher has a good heart and tries to help everyone.

4. Mean Girls

Do I even have to explain this one.

5. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

The OG stoner film before Seth Rogen got ahold of the concept. This movie was everything I imagined high school was like until I got to high school and realized it was much lamer.

6. 10 Things I Hate About You

If you’re anything like me, you have Kat’s poem memorized from this movie… And you also swoon over Heath Ledger anytime he gives Kat that smoldering look and smiles with those dimples.

7. Napoleon Dynamite

This one always warms my heart because most of the movies on this list are about the popular kids in school, and Napoleon is anything but popular. He’s awkward and I just relate way too much to him. Plus Tina, can’t forget Tina the llama.

8. Legally Blonde

You can be hot and smart, and if Elle Woods can’t convince you of that, idk what will. Also, everyone needs to take notes from Elle on how to get over fuckboys because the way she puts Warner in his place at the end of the movie is the most inspirational lesson in film history. This is technically a college movie but hey, let us live.

9. American Pie

You’re lying if you say you haven’t watched this at least once because every time you see a flute, you have to giggle. The cult classic of all cult classics.

10. Bye Bye Birdie

Obviously this film is a little bit older, but the 50’s have some things in common with today. Especially the Elvis-esque Conrad Birdie all the high school girls swoon over, and the telephone song is just so freaking cute.

11. She’s The Man

Pre-problematic Amanda Bynes was so fucking funny in this movie, and I mean Channing Tatum wasn’t too bad to look at.

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