Samantha Tafola Is 15 & Already Owns Her Own Vintage Store With Celeb Clients

Samantha Tafola does the things you wish you did as a teenager. At only fifteen years old, she has a business called Mas Vintage. You can find her set up at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena alongside her dad’s line of embroidered vintage jackets. We visited this boss bitch’s shop to ask her what it’s like to have a business so young and what her thrift shopping process is like.

So, you’re fifteen years old and you have your own business!

Yes, I’m fifteen years old and my business is called Mas Vintage. It started out by being inspired by other vendors. I started coming with my dad to the Rose Bowl because he sells his hand embroidered jackets here. I started saving some money so I could hand pick some of my favorite vintage pieces. One by one, I started filling racks, and it became really big! I really like what I do and I like to see customers that come and find pieces that flatter them.

We need to know: Where are the secret stores you get your amazing thrift finds from?

Goodwill and Salvation Army.


What is your process when you go to thrift stores and look for stuff?

I take my time and I look through all the pieces. I’m not in a rush. I pick out everything that is my style and what I’d like to see on other people. I don’t like everything, but everything I can see on somebody. I am open to everybody’s style and anyone could definitely find something they like in my booth.

What are your most popular pieces?

The younger crowd comes in a lot for the crop tops and the graphic tees. And my kids’ vintage. Not that many people carry kids’ vintage but I keep an eye out for that stuff.

Are you inspired by the other vendors around you?

Yeah, I am inspired by everyone else. And seeing the other vendors helps me be open to what everyone else is buying.


What’s your favorite stuff to wear? Or does it change?

It changes all the time. I’m younger so I like the ’80s and the ’90s. Some of the stuff I wear is from the ’60s and the ’70s.

What do you think about makeup?

I’m into makeup. I don’t have that much on, but I like to practice and do it for fun and then take it off. I do my mom’s makeup sometimes. I actually want to go to makeup school. There is this program where if you are in high school it’s free to enroll, and I want to do that.

Would you ever wear a full outfit from the mall?

Some pieces, but it has to be inspired by vintage. It can be new, but it has to look like a little retro.


Your dad sells at Rosebowl too?

He sells at PCC and Rosebowl. We usually do pop-ups and flea markets.

Does your dad help with your store?

Yeah, we are a team and we work together.

Do you find ever pieces and ask your dad to embroider them?

Yeah, sometimes he will say that I have a piece that’s good to embroider and we team up!

That’s awesome.

Yeah, my family has always been really supportive of me, and God of course. I make sure I give ten percent to my church. I go to church in LA. My mom is my number one fan.


What do you hope to do with this job in the future? Do you want to keep it as a pop-up or expand?

I want to expand for sure and open my own store. Or even make a warehouse by appointment only.


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Find Samantha & Mas Vintage at the Rose Bowl Flea Market on the second Sunday of every month!

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