7 Ways to Actually Find Something Good at Goodwill

Buying vintage Calvin Klein, 501 Levi’s, or Tommy Hilfiger for under $10 may seem like a dream, but no need for pinching!

For a few years now, I’ve become quite an expert *pops my collar* at Goodwill shopping. However, I often hear my friends and co-workers complaining about how they can never find anything good! Finding quality vintage items that you can wear more than once is hard, but when you find a gem it has the potential to stay in your closet forever.

Here are some tips for how to cop fabulous goodies at your local Goodwill. Get ready to come up on some cool shit!

1. Go often.

If you want to score some legit gems, go often. Once a week is good (lol)! Especially because Goodwill has the best sales. For example, right now Southern California Goodwills have a $1 sale on clothing every single Thursday.

2. Go through everything.

I know it may seem like a pain in the ass, but go through all the racks. One time I found a silk dress in the women’s coats section, so keep your eyes open!

3. Try it on.

Don’t just see something you want and buy it. Try it on, seriously. Looks can be very deceiving when it comes to thrifting.

4. Keep in mind what you need in your closet.

Make a short list of things you need; like a belt, a pair of dark denim jeans, or a leather jacket. It’ll make the experience much less overwhelming.

5. Make connections.

It pays in the long run to talk to the employees. They get the heads up on all the sales and grand openings.

6. Pay attention to texture.

As you’re anxiously going through each item on the rack, pay attention to the type of material it’s made from. Garments made of silk, satin, denim, linen, or leather usually become your treasure pieces.

7. Look at the potential in a garment.

A pair of boots may look a little banged up or a jacket might have a stain, but maybe you can fix it! Knowing how to DIY is key to a successful shopping trip at Goodwill.

Overall, just have fun and don’t sweat it. Sometimes you fill your entire basket and other times you leave empty handed. Either way, you’ll find some of the rarest pieces without blowing your entire savings.

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