Sami Miro on How to Make Vintage Work for You This Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow — meaning now is the perfect time for you to whip out the kinds of looks you might not normally try.

You could go the department store or boutique route and pick up some of the most popular must-haves of the season. But if you want to be sure you’re not wearing the exact same Gucci loafers everyone will be rocking at the early-morning shows this year, the answer is to shop vintage.

So we asked Sami Miro, our favorite vintage expert, for some tips and tricks on how to stand out from the crowd — and attract street style photographers — by wearing vintage clothes this NYFW.

“There’s nothing like vintage to separate you from the pack,” Sami says. “You can find some wild and crazy, one of a kind, affordable, beautiful vintage statement pice that will make you stand out… in a good way.”

Here are her answers to our questions on making vintage work for you.

Galore: Is it better to wear neutral vintage outerwear or something an an eye-catching color?

Sami: Wear what coincides with your typical clothing palate. I have A LOT of black vintage coats because that’s my go-to color.

That being said, if I come across a special piece that’s colorful and vibrant, I’ll buy it — knowing I’ll wear it less. You also have to remember that the more wild a coat is, the more memorable it becomes to those who see it, which means you probably won’t want to wear it as often as you could wear a fun, neutral vintage coat.

What coat lengths are on-trend right now and also easy to find vintage?

Long coats are really in right now — specifically trench coats and long army jackets. Not only are they fun, but you can hide in them, and they actually make you look more slender and long. They’re also very prevalent in vintage shops. I’ve seen racks on racks on racks dedicated to both.

What eras of vintage will get you noticed by street style photogs this season?

I would suggest steering clear of the 80s and 90s and focusing more on the 60s and 70s, because those decades are so much more relevant right now. Think Twiggy and Aubrey Hepburn — with a hint of Guns ‘n’ Roses for some edge.

How can we quickly tell if a vintage store in our neighborhood is legit?

There is nothing wrong with asking the employees straight up. They’ll tell you if everything is vintage, if there’s a specific vintage section, or if everything is just remakes and used. No one is trying to scam you.

What are some popular accessories right now that are perfect to find vintage?

Vintage costume jewelry is accessible but a lot of it is made from nickel, which I’m allergic to. Vintage purses are probably my favorite accessory because a high quality purse like Chanel actually increases in value over time. It’s more like an investment. They get the value in vintage!

What general tips should our readers remember?
Luckily for those who want to get noticed for their fashion efforts, you don’t have to be famous to get snapped. If you’re wearing a unique look, photographers will want to document it for their blogs and media outlets.

All that being said, I can’t stress enough the importance of feeling comfortable and confident in your look. That goes for everyday of the year. Never wear something only because you think it’s cool, wear what you think is cool AND what you feel confident in. Confidence is the cherry on top that takes your look to the next level.

Photos by Amber Asaly  @amberasaly
Hair & makeup by Tori McConkey  @torimcconkey
Styling by Alexus Shefts  @alexusshefts
Graphics by David Baker @davidbaker

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