I did yoga stoned and not only survived, but thrived

Normally, going to workout after smoking sounds like my own personal hell.

So when I got the invite for a Y7 x Dosist event, I wasn’t really sure how to feel. I love hot yoga, but the thought of doing it stoned seemed overwhelming. The plan was to talk to Dosist about their Calm and Bliss blends, which are totally useful for more chill activities such as yoga.

I will be honest – I don’t always go to yoga for a hardcore workout. Sometimes, I just want to sweat it out in a 90 degree room and simply connect with my thoughts. The outside world can be detrimental to the body, and yoga can be really helpful in restoring your day. But, I still want to go at my own pace and level. Some days I go in, some days I just shavasana until my heart’s content.

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The Calm and Bliss Dosist vapes help you relax, improve your mood, support creative thinking, and have anti-anxiety properties. I assumed we wouldn’t sit around in a circle and smoke together, so I decided to take several hits from my trusty Bliss pen prior to the class.

Man, was I high.

I was the kind of high where you can’t look at anyone otherwise you’ll burst into laughter, aka the best kind of high. But, maybe not for yoga.

The paranoia set in as I thought about my anxiety and my inability to really do anything when I’m too stoned. I set up my mat, took a swig of water for the cotton mouth, and looked around in a panic.

Would I have to pee from drinking so much water? Would I get a stroke from the heat? How am I already sweating when we haven’t started yet? Is the instructor speaking in tongues right now? It’s so dark in here!

I locked eyes with my best friend who was next to me and whispered, “Help me.”

The session started, and I continued to cry-laugh and whisper to my bestie throughout the beginning 20 minutes. But, as the class went on, I slowly but surely calmed down and settled into myself. It felt like I was moving through a new, slow world that only I knew about. I was serene, centered, and felt like I could do anything.

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This is shocking mainly because I have severe back pain from a recent injury, and I wasn’t expecting to do much at all during the class. I have done hot yoga at Y7 before, but I don’t think I ever really trusted my body enough to fully sink into certain poses. I definitely think that I hold back a lot in most instances when I’m not high, so it only makes sense that smoking helped me reach new levels of calm this time around.

The best part about the experience is the fact that I left the class having learned new things about myself, my mind, and my body. I was really able to relax and enjoy the workout, and the time flew by. I didn’t feel strained or frustrated by having to be there as I usually do with workout classes (let’s face it, working out is not always fun).

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If you get the chance, I highly recommend taking a few hits before your next class. I’m not saying to get baked before spinning or pilates, but before yoga seems to work just fine. Just take it slow, go easy on yourself, and see if you learn anything new about the way your body can move. It could be more worth it than you realize.

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