Marijuana can boost your workout in addition to getting you high

Yeah, you read that right — your favorite chill-out product not only can make you relax and possibly cause you to eat a whole bag of Cheetos by accident, but it can be used for actual good in the world — like boosting your workout and fixing your sore AF muscles after you pretended to not almost pass out during that SoulCycle class.

As of January 2, 2018, many states have legalized the sale of marijuana for recreational uses, which means you can go into a weed dispensary with actual windows and feel like you’re just shopping for a pair of jeans instead of feeling all illegal about it — like, just say goodbye to bullet proof doors.

MedMen is the largest retailer of legal marijuana in Southern California whose state of the art storefronts have been deemed “the Apple Store of weed!” — they’re so “dope” that the line for their West Hollywood location has been around the block since January 1st. We asked their pros for some workout + weed advice.

Just as you can smoke it and all your troubles are left behind — you can also drink it, rub it on, pre-workout and post-workout and make those grueling days at the gym seem worth it. If you’re excuse that you can’t work out is because you get too sore afterwards — then don’t tell anyone what we’re about to say, it can be our little secret….

Pro-Tip #1  

Learn the diff between CBD and THC — I’ll save the scientific talk for when you’re a lil’ older, but just know that CBD won’t cause the psychoactive results that THC does. CBD is an “analgesic, helping to alleviate pain both during and after exercise [and has] been shown to increase the levels of anandamide, a neurotransmitter that can reduce pain and inflammation through increased activation of endocannabinoid receptors,” Sean Akhavan, Lead Scientific Researcher at MedMen says.

Not all cannabis products have both CBD and THC in them, so if you look for products containing CBD only — you can fight post-workout inflammation, soothe sore muscles, increase your sleep and relaxation, and decrease that bout of nausea from that hot yoga class your roommate forces you to take with her.

Pro-Tip #2

Learn the diff between Sativa and Indica. Sativa is more stimulating while Indica is more sedating.

Since Icy Hot is so 2001 — CBD is the answer to your fight-against-inflammation prayers, and if you’re afraid of getting popcorn lung from vaping products or you just don’t like to smoke it, MedMen has vast offerings all the way from lotions and scrubs, to CBD-infused bath bombs and candy, you can check their online menu here.

Alas, we’re giving away all our insider info here — but we want you to look good AND feel like, totally amazing. So here are our top 5 most recommended CBD products to enhance your workout:

#1 – $15 Habit CBD Water: Refreshing and kinda tastes like Snapple, sip this after your workout to stay hydrated and get those anti-inflammation effects


#2 – $19.99 Atlas Ember Bar: For when snack-attack hits after Pilates class

#3 – $40 for 50 doses Dosist Calm Pen: Good for on-the-go and fits right in your gym bag, plus it’s super deliciously flavored

#4 – $10 Prism Farms CBD:THC Sativa Blend Pre-Roll: If you’re down for the ultimate relaxation moment not only after a workout, but also a long day at work, destress with this delicious pre-roll

#5 – $90 Papa & Barkley Releaf Tincture 1:30 THC to CBD: Put a drop or two in your protein shake, in a relaxation tea or straight on your tongue, wait fifteen minutes and enjoy

Just in case you needed like, more evidentiary support, behold — insider product recommendations from the team at MedMen:

“After a long night on the ballroom dance floor, Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm affords the best and soothing medicine for my aching feet.” $50 – Julie DeMarco, Paralegal

“The Kin Slips Cloud Buster (10mg) are the perfect pick-me-up. I use it for outdoor activities or a date with the couch. It’s like an afternoon cup of coffee and stimulates creativity while boosting energy.” $20 – Caitlin Johnson, Assistant Purchasing Manager

“I’m a huge fan of the De La Beuh THC-infused bath bombs. It offers a very euphoric feeling after an action-packed day of snowboarding.” $12 – Donna Serrato, Retail Manager

“After a workout, I love Dosist’s Sleep vape pen to help me wind down right before bed. The pen is packed with flavor and it vibrates to let you know when you’ve inhaled a full dose.”$100 for 200 doses; $40 for 50 doses – Jenny Stinson, Event Manager

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