There’s an annoying connection between cheating and getting in shape

If your boyfriend or girlfriend has started a brand new gym habit, it doesn’t mean you should immediately start questioning their motives. But as it turns out, there is a connection between cheating on one’s partner and wanting to be in shape.

Ashley Madison found in a survey of their cheat-friendly clientele that having a shake on the side could be a secret motivator for staying in shape. What’s more, people use the excuse of going to the gym to cover up meetings with the person they’re cheating with.

In total, 70% of the respondents said extracurricular relationships motivate them to stay fit, while 12% of women and 9% of men say they’ve pulled the “going to the gym, see ya!” card to cover up an affair.

Granted, the people surveyed were all married. That means they might have more motivation to cheat, since they’re locked into a ’til-death-do-us-part situation.

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But don’t let this freak you out. If your guy or girl suddenly develops a gym addiction out of nowhere, it’s not necessarily a red flag.

If they’re acting like a sketchball about it, then honestly, it might be. Working out with your partner is fun, and you might want to start asking questions if your boo has banned you from his or her gym. Plenty of people become fitness enthusiasts out of nowhere, but some don’t have the self-control to handle the hotness that comes with it.

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