[World Premiere] Whissell’s new single will motivate you to slay your 9-5 away

If there’s ever been a song that will get you through a long week, it’s Tennessee-based artist Whissell’s new track “Living Now.”

Whissell came into the spotlight after Orange is the New Black featured one of her songs, “Take Em Down” on an episode. Fans of the show encouraged her to keep making music because of her deeper approach to pop music. She doesn’t just make music you can bop too, she adds a dose of reality, giving her music a spunkier and edgier vibe.

And ever since then she’s realized that maybe she wasn’t meant for a life behind a desk working in sales after all.

And that’s what her new single is all about. The 9-5 struggle. And how to slay even when you’re working all day.

Check out our Q&A with Whissell and “Living Now” below.

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What do you want the world to know about “Living Now?”

I have been pushing my writing to new places and have released a ton of new music along the way. “Living Now” came from a place of intense reflection. I was in a writing session and talking about my journey from working in sales to pursuing music. I described a time where I would sit in my car on my lunch break and sing at the top of my lungs and cry. I felt like I was spending the majority of my time at work (which most of us do) and I was missing out on this other life that I was supposed to be living. The producer and I were talking about how a lot of people miss out on living their best lives because of their dedication to a job or maybe even their dedication to the wrong job. All of a sudden “Living Now” started writing itself.

What’s been your favorite part of the process in your artist career so far?

My favorite part has probably been the live show component. I had no idea what I was doing when I played my first show but once I got out on stage and saw people smiling and dancing to my music, it was completely electric. I’ve still only played five shows — I know, I’m a newbie — but I feel like I have come so far in a short amount of time.

What’s the biggest thing you hope people learn from your music and art?

I always said from the first day of writing music that I want to inspire people. I try to use my past experiences, like getting out of bad relationships or wholeheartedly pursuing my passion, as songwriting material in order to move people to do the same. Throughout difficult times in my life, listening to music has always provided some sense of therapy or clarity. I hope that others can use my music for that same purpose.

What’s the #1 thing you can’t live without (excluding air, water, and food)?

Music was my immediate answer, but more specifically I would say my voice. Singing has been my favorite thing to do my entire life and if I couldn’t sing in my car or belt out songs in my room on a daily basis I would be an entirely different person. It’s the only thing in my life where I feel like I am extremely vulnerable yet completely safe while I’m doing it.

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What was the last guilty pleasure you indulged in?

I went to a Third Eye Blind show by myself recently. Everyone I knew was either busy or not interested in going, so I thought to myself, “What’s wrong with going to a show by myself?” They were playing their entire debut album track by track, which I loved as a kid, so I thought I’d indulge in a little nostalgia. I snuck in a can of rosé and sang at the top of my lungs. I even overhead a guy say to his girlfriend, “Wow, this girl over here knows every single word…”

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If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?

Italy. We took a family trip there two summers ago and it was unlike any other place I had been to. I kept feeling like someone threw me inside of a painting somehow. The food, the wine, the architecture, the people, the landscape… I could go on and on. I turned to my husband and said, “Should we even go back to America?” We keep trying to plan another trip somewhere and the conversation with my husband always goes like this:

Him: “What about Turks and Caicos? Or Portugal? or Brazil?”
Me: “What about Italy?!”
Him: “But we’ve already been there.”
Me: “And we will continue to go there forever!”

What’s next for you?

Writing, writing, writing! I am very inspired by the writing process and always want to continue working on my craft. I’m releasing singles when I feel like I have something I want to share with the world. I’m always putting new music out there so be sure to follow me in order to keep up!

Photography by Bree Marie Fish & Crystal K. Martel

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