TBT: Justin Bieber & Tyga made a music video together

It’s hard to imagine now, but once upon a time in 2013, Tyga wasn’t the human punch line he is now.

Back then he was just a promising new rapper on the seemingly unsinkable Young Money crew who was really trying to make the nickname T-Raw happen.

And Justin Bieber hadn’t disgraced himself by getting a DUI or egging his neighbor’s house yet. Although he had already gotten caught peeing into a bucket and abandoning his pet monkey in Germany, so he was well on his way to becoming the fuckboy we all know and love today.

So it seemed inevitable that these two would meet, fall in love, and pop out a music video where their fashion choices don’t age well at all.

Behold, the glory of their forgotten collaboration, “Wait For a Minute.”

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The song itself isn’t actually bad, but it’s not good either. It would probably sound good on a car stereo, but it’s not exactly the kind of song you’d ever want to put on a playlist another human might accidentally hear. Mostly because of Tyga.

Because while most things Justin Bieber sings are unobjectively fine, what comes out of Tyga’s mouth is just laughable.

Like when he says “Hold up, I don’t need no luck / I said that with a straight face, baby that’s poker,” or when he points out that “Baby I’m the shit, but that’s a good odor.”

And while we’re talking about things that’ll make you laugh, let’s take a look at the music video that went with the song, shall we?

In the incredibly arty music video for “Wait a Minute,” Justin and Tyga spend the majority of the time looking angsty and running away from rabid fan girls so they can hook up with one lucky fan girl in private. And their outfits…well, let’s just say there’s a reason why they’re going after fangirls who love them no matter what.

Tyga’s wearing a spiked Varsity jacket and Justin’s wearing what looks like a cutoff pleather best over a black t-shirt. And you can tell they both think the outfits make them look super hard. And swaggy.

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And as if all that’s not enough, we found an old video from MTV News where Tyga talks about the music video, which he begins with the iconic and not even joking phrase, “Yo, what’s poppin’, it’s T-Raw.”

“The song was actually originally for his album,” Tyga explained. “[But] I figured like, we’d put it out, you know what I’m saying, now. Time is now, time is the essence, so I’ll use it, and we can, you know what I’m saying, get the dope look and um, shoot a video for it.”

He then went on to explain that Justin was “in his like, transition period,” at the time, and that this video with them could be a moment in their careers similar to when Tyga made a song with Chris Brown.

Goals, right?

But the crowning moment of glory in this video is when Tyga tries to explain the inspiration for the video, but clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“The concept for this video is real Matrix,” Tyga explained during an BTS video with MTV News, which is one theory. But TBH there’s not a lot about this music video that screams The Matrix.

There aren’t long leather coats. There aren’t action sequences with cool cinematography. Hell, there aren’t even spoons that get bent due to the power of Tyga’s mind.

But what the music video does look like is an M.C. Escher print. You know, the guy who made all those prints of the winding staircases that didn’t really go anywhere.

#mcescher #artist #blackandwhite #houseofstairs #curlups #worm #lithography #print #1951 47x24cm

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Like seriously, it’s uncanny.


God bless T-Raw.

And god bless “Wait For a Minute.”

Bon appetit, bbs.

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