Lucy Hale Gave Up Drinking Cuz She Was Tired of Hanging Out With Losers

Drinking can be fun and all, but let’s be real: it’s not exactly all that and a bag of chips.

It’s an expensive excuse to consume hundreds of extra calories that your body doesn’t want. And most people whose idea of having a good time is getting so wasted they can’t feel their face are big ole losers.

Which is why PLL’s Lucy Hale decided she was dunzo with it all.

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In an interview with Byrdie Lucy Hale talked about how as soon as she got cast on PLL she “tried really hard to be a social butterfly” because “becoming a part of this popular show … everyone just says yes to you.”

Only the problem was since everybody was saying yes to her, she ended up making a lot of mistakes.

So she decided the best way to not do that was to stop getting drunk and hanging out with those kinds of people in the first place.

“I’m just always trying to surround myself with better people and be the best version of myself possible,” Lucy explained. “I know it sounds obnoxious to hear people say that, but why not?”

GL girl.

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[H/T Byrdie]

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