What Your Weird Hookup Dreams Are Really Trying To Tell You

No dreams can mess with your head like a hookup dream can.

A hot dream can make you start fantasizing about your nerdy co-worker that you never previously found attractive. A scary hookup dream can make you start being rudeto your boo for no reason other than the fact that you dreamed about them cheating.

But dreaming that your bae is cheating doesn’t mean that they’re actually cheating, and dreaming that you had a kinky quickie with your non-conventionally attractive cubicle mate doesn’t mean that you have a secret crush. So what are your dreams actually trying to tell you?

Relationship expert and psychologist Marianna Vicelich’s new book, Love Spells, gives insight into what your dreams really mean, and she shared her findings with The Daily Mail to give the deets.

If You Dream About An Ex…

We’ve previously discussed this, because these dreams are the fucking worst. You’re finally over your ex, haven’t seen him in months, and suddenly you go to sleep and dream of you two canoodling in your third grade classroom with fried chicken everywhere. WTF? You suddenly wake up missing your ex and wonder if the dream was a sign. Don’t worry, it’s not.

Okay, well it might mean that you miss them (or miss sleeping with them), but it could also mean that you’re having reservations about a new relationship, according to Vicelich. If you’re worried about making the same mistakes with a new person (or getting your heart broken again), this might be why your ex popped up in your dreams. The good news is that a dream about an ex could mean that you’re finally coming to terms with that chapter of your life, so cross your fingers for no more ex dreams in the future.

If You Dream About a Celeb…

Unlike dreaming about an ex, dreaming about hooking up with a celeb is a great reason to hit your snooze button. Just one more thrust from Zayn Malik right now sounds fab! The good news is that your fantasy about an party with One Direction could mean that your confidence is at an all-time-high, and you’re feeling super ambitious.

The bad news is that dreaming about someone famous could mean that you’re unsatisfied with your regular life (who isn’t?) or could mean that your love life is boring af right now.

If You Dream About Banging Your Boss…

Pro tip: Don’t walk into your office and tell your boss that you dreamed about him going all 50 Shades of Grey on you last night, it’s not a good look for anyone and probs won’t get you a promotion. But, like fantasizing about Christian Grey, a dream about your boss could mean that you crave control and authority. You may admire your boss and want to emulate some of their leadership qualities.

If you’re already in a relationship, it could mean that you want more control or excitement within that relationship.

If You Dream About Banging A Rando…

The weirdest thing about dreaming about banging a stranger is that you don’t know who they are, but allegedly if you dream about someone it means you’ve seen them before in everyday life. Maybe the subway when you were half asleep? Maybe the club when you were blacked out? Who knows, all you know is the dream was good.

Banging a stranger could mean that you envision some big changes or opportunities coming into your life, which don’t necessarily have to be in the form of hookups. It could also mean that your love life is boring af and you’re craving the feeling of being wanted and to step out of your comfort zone.

If You Dream About Cheating…

Dreaming about your boo cheating kind of makes you hate them the next morning, but try your best to remember that it was a dream. The dream might mean you feel like they’re not giving you enough attention, that you have abandonment issues, or you’re questioning if you can trust them. Instead of secretly getting angry about the dream, talk to your boo about this IRL.

If You Dream About Sleeping With Your Friend’s Boo…

If your friend is the jealous type, you probs shouldn’t tell them that this happened. Keep your dreams about her boo to yourself, because it might mean that you think they’re hot and secretly wish you had a boyfriend/girlfriend like hers.

If You Dream About Sleeping With Your Same Sex Friend…

If you’re straight, dreaming about getting down with your platonic girlfriend doesn’t mean that you’ve been bi all along. It probably means that you’re learning to love yourself and you need to get in touch with your girly side. Or maybe you’ve just been watching too much Orange Is The New Black?

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