What Your 2016 Pop Culture Halloween Costume Says About You

Every year new Halloween costume ideas pop up. And every year some “clever” person thinks they’re the only one coming up with some trendy costume. Well, news flash, you’re not. You are better off going as a cat or devil than thinking you will be the only Harley Quinn or Harambe in the room. Here are the most “original” 2016 costume ideas and what they really say about you.

1. Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn is the perfect Bad A$$ Bitch look. It will most likely be worn by the good girls who want to change it up from her usual Clueless costume. Although you think it makes you look uber confident and like a hot mess (in a good way though). It actually just makes it look like you’re trying to impress guys by dressing up as a comic book character when you probably don’t even read comics. Also, your boo is going to keep getting confused when he sees seven other Harley Quinn’s at the bar on Halloween.

2. Clown

After so many creepy clowns have been all over the news, I’m sure some will be popping up on Halloween. Girls who are trying to be less sexy and more scary will be choosing this costume. Although you think it makes you less of a girly girl and more of a tomboy, it actually just shouts “I’m trying to be super unique and I want to look like I care about current affairs.”

3. Ghostbusters

The fact that four women play the main characters in the new Ghostbusters movie is everything. This also one of the least time consuming costumes, making it a number one choice for procrastinators. You might think it says you are all for girl power and love a bit of science fiction, but what it really says is “I couldn’t be bothered to put effort into how I look, so I just threw overalls on.”

4. Pikachu

Pokemon Go got everyone crazed, even Bieber was trying to catch em all. Pikachu is definitely an outfit for the gamer girls who still want to look sultry. Pikachu is cute and all, but you’re sending a message to the world that says you’re still hung up on Pokemon Go, or even worse, that you never stopped liking Pokemon since it’s first debut in the early 2000s.

5. Sexy Harambe

Wild animals are always a classic choice. Therefore, why not dress up as the animal internet sensation: the wild gorilla Harambe. The animal lovers out there will most likely be choosing this costume; proving they can do the absolute most by standing up for the shooting of Harambe while still being sexy. But to be honest, the outfit might just confuse people as to why you wouldn’t just choose a flattering animal (e.g. a sexy panther). And like, are you trying to make fun of Harambe’s death? Not cool bro.

6. Beyonce’s Lemonade  

Beyonce looked bomb in her Lemonade video. Theres no doubt that girls will be trying and impersonate Queen B. The problem is, you’re most likely not going to pull it off. Unless you have an amazing voice, a team of make-up artists and stylists, and the last name Knowles, that is. You’ll probs just end up just confusing everyone as to why you are wearing a yellow dress and holding a bat in your hand–especially if you’re white!

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