6 Things To Buy For Your Extra Bro-ey Boyfriend

Do you ever laugh to yourself about how hysterically bro-ey your boyfriend is?

If so, this gift guide is for you. Buying a gift for a bro is surprisingly easy, because bros can’t buy anything for themselves unless it’s “cool,” or beer, or whatever. So even though you wouldn’t be thrilled to receive something practical, he would be, because unless his mom buys it for him, he’s not getting it.

1. A Cornhole Set

What could be more bro-ey than cornhole? Never mind that this game really requires no skill or athleticism, bros fucking love it. A fraternity porch is not complete without one of these bad boys, and neither is your bro-bae’s yard…or living room, or whatever.

2. A Bathrobe

A bathrobe might seem like a lame gift to you, but your boo will love it. Not only will it solve his issue of awkwardly having run-ins with his roomie’s girlfriend half-naked, it’ll also alleviate his issue of always being cold af but not doing anything about it. This bathrobe is a “fancy” one, and we all know that Ralph Lauren is basically God to all bros, right? Honestly, even if you don’t want to buy him a bathrobe, anything Polo will give him a boner.

3. A Wallet

Just like a bathrobe, your man will probably never buy himself a damn wallet. If you don’t buy him one, he’ll keep using his current one which has holes in it, or just keeping his shit in his pocket and losing his credit card at a new bar every weekend, until the day he dies.

4. An AmazonFresh Gift Card

If your bro is really into body building and fitness, there’s a chance he buys his own groceries. But there’s a better chance that either his mom still buys them for him or he just orders takeout for every single meal, besides breakfast, when he eats cereal. Maybe if you show him AmazonFresh, he’ll order groceries from his bed. But maybe not.

5. A Shaving Kit

Don’t ever try to get a bro hygiene products unless they’re specifically made for men. Just don’t do it. He’ll probably yell “no homo” if he sees any packaging that might possibly be for women. But if it’s about facial hair, it’s fine, so this shaving kit is a necessity.

6. This Bro AF Flask

Bros love BYOB, specifically when they’re not supposed to BYOB, so they have to hide it in their custom jacket pocket. Another thing bros love is football. Unless you’re dating a European bro, then maybe a soccer version of this thang.

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