Weekly Horoscopes: May 30–June 5, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


What a fun and active week for you, dear Aries! This week is all about stimulating your brain and communicating with the world. You will be ready to virtually mingle through texts, emails and Snapchat. These days, it’s so easy to connect with all kinds of people through social media apps. Since your 3rd house is ruled by youthful Gemini, you just want to be silly, have fun and laugh a lot.

Also, it is a prime time to learn something new now — any kind of skill you’re interested in. The creative new moon in Gemini coupled with pleasure seeking Venus gives you diverse interests, so choose anything as long it’s not boring.

If you start taking small steps, the powerful new moon will help you to endure and succeed. It is so mentally stimulating to have Venus and Mars dancing in your mercurial third house. Be silly and explore. If you have siblings, you should be hearing lots of good news from them.



It’s all about money and pleasure for you this week! Mo money, Mo problems…? Not for you, dear Taurus! If you spent too much money partying, Saturday is the best time to review and start saving up again thanks to the clever new moon in Gemini, which rules your 2nd house of money and possessions.

You could create a new, successful financial plan to be more stable. It’s a prime time to invest your money into a new venture. You’ve got the power, the charms, and you seem to know the right people. On top of that, you might also find new sources of income. Having glamorous Venus in the mix, you will want to indulge and buy nice things for you or your loved ones. Sweet.



This week is going to be sizzling, dear Gemini! You are going to get lots and lots of attention. I mean you’re a natural flirt as it is, but the divine planets are adding an extra dash of magic to your whole being. Take them to the candy shop and show off your goodies. With the powerful new moon, you have a refreshing beautiful energy. People will be so attracted to you right now.

Your light beam of charisma is on high power. Overall, with playful Venus and the the sexy new moon in your own sign, you pretty much have the whole enchilada. It’s a superb time to increase your self confidence! It’s still your birthday season, and you deserve to be celebrated.



All you want to do this week is to crawl back into your shell and drift away. With the new moon hitting your 12th house of the unconscious, you’ll feel like chillaxing at home or even in nature. You might want to hide or you might feel a little under-appreciated with Venus transiting your very secretive 12th house. You will only want to open up behind closed doors. This doesn’t mean you’ll lose your spark, actually you’ll be radiating a mysterious charm that you might not even be aware of.

It’s an excellent time to meditate or do yoga. Open your inner cosmos and trust the positive vibes you’ll get. Laziness might overtake you, so don’t let it! Another option for love planet Venus and the new moon meeting in your unconscious sector could be that a relationship which isn’t serving you anymore is coming to an end. Review, rethink, and meditate. Find your inner treasures and love yourself.




You’ll be the crowd pleaser this week, playful and a little bit of a tease. The magical Gemini new moon is hitting your 11th house and you should definitely go out, like every night this week! You could be meeting a bunch of new people and a ton of new friends. You can never make too many friends.

Friends could turn into lovers now. Hot! The new noon in Gemini stirs things up and makes everybody very spontaneous. A friend could declare his/her love for you now, or maybe you could be the one to do the declaring. Life is full of surprises. Relationships that start through friendship indeed last the longest, since you get to know one another pretty well before things get too heated, allowing you both to truly appreciate each other and know what you are getting yourself into.

If you want to start a new group or club, now would be a good time as you have the charm to attract and find people who share the same ideas. This could turn into something bigger.



With this week’s planetary alignment, success will be inevitable. You’ve got the perfect planetary combination to rise up in your work and career sector. This week could be your lucky break.

The mercurial magnitude mixture of winning Venus and the powerful new moon in your 10th house will be blooming and booming. Start your campaign or start a new Instagram account where you promote your very own image. You will get a lot of love and admiration. It’s an amazing week for any kind of career move you feel like taking… #GOALS.



Plan your getaway, dear Libra! Just in time for summer, the Gemini new moon is highlighting your 9th house of travel! If you initiate any travel plans over the next 6 months, you’re going to have the moon supporting all of your plans to explore a foreign land or culture. With a bit of travel, you will definitely feel fulfilled by the corresponding full moon. 

Forget about the types you usually go for, because this week can turn your attractions completely around. Your exotic 9th house is booming. The magical new moon unified with delightful Venus enlightens your spiritual beliefs, shining new rays on new possibilities. How about diving deeper into Astrology or Mysticism?



Ever tried Kamasutra? The passionate new moon hooking up with infatuating Venus in your sector of deep intimacy and sacred sexuality would be an excellent time to experiment with the more spiritual forms of sexual activity.

A sexual union of a deeper nature like Tantra will reawaken you once again. When Venus enters Gemini, you feel very experimental. Gemini naturally rules your 8th house of deep sexuality, which is why nothing is too freaky for you!

Sounds so wrong, but feels so good? This is a time for exploring sexual taboos, hehe. Another possibility for when a new moon falls in the 8th house, which also rules other people’s money and debts, is to start start saving up your very own money.



There is a beautiful new moon taking place in your 7th house of relationships and other people. Like the goddess of love would, Venus swayed into your 7th house last week. Combined with the new moon, this will be an extremely gracious period for love.

You will be incredibly charming and able to convince anyone to join in on the fun. There is no better company than you right now. Exciting!

Ready for a new relationship? If single, you might surprisingly enter a new liaison. Your venusian juices will turn you into the peace and love maker. This week’s mood is romantic. If coupled, you could celebrate or re-define your love.



Saturday is the best day to start a new diet. You will want to indulge in healthy food, and you actually won’t mind paying the extra few bucks for a fully organic diet. Even if you’ve been having bad eating habits lately, this lunar placement is the best for your overall health. You are sure to get a refreshing lunar boost and say goodbye to junk food for a while.

With the flirty Gemini Venus sizzling up your 6th house of daily habits, there might be some flirting and romanticizing at work. It’s more like curiosity is motivating you to flirt. If you’re currently in a relationship, you will really want to be of service to your lover. Lucky them.


On what better note to start summer than with this dream combo of planets, dear Aquarius! Your summer of love has officially started. The potent new moon in Gemini is hitting your 5th house of true love and pleasure.

If single, it is very likely for you to meet a new hottie. Any romance you begin now will be filled with fun and laughter. What are you waiting for? Go hit some parties.

It’s likely that this could be your most exciting week ever, especially since foxy Venus is part of the planetary bliss mix, making you very hot right now. You don’t even have to try! What a charming, sexy, exuberant energy. Groovy!


Aww, so sweet Pisces! This week is all about your family. You couldn’t care less about the weekend’s festivities. Go hangout with your mom at home. The 4th house is ruled by Cancer, the mother archetype, so cherish the time you spend with her.

Home is where your heart will be. Use the lunar energy to chillax and tune into your home frequency. Nurture yourself and cook a nice meal. This week will be super lovey dovey if spent at home and with your family.

You can even use this magical lunar energy to remodel your home. Experiment with new colors. With creative Venus in the mix, you just want to feel good in your home. Right now, you have the power to make it beautiful.

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