Weekly Horoscopes: April 4–10, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.



Aries! What a bombastic week for YOU! It’s still your birthday, you should party because it’s your birth month! Goddess of beauty, Venus, will be in your 1st house of self and looks. Change your style or try a new hairdo or color. Now is the best time for shopping or a makeover. You’ll be more charming than ever and pro-fashion-al! With intelligent Mercury moving into your 2nd house of finances, money will be on your mind, therefore, you could be thinking of new strategies to improve your income! YES!

Overall, with magnetic Venus and the mysterious oozing new moon in your personal sign, you pretty much have the whole enchilada. It’s a superb time to increase your self confidence – I mean, Aries is already a self confident fireball.

Let’s recap: This week is going to be HOT FIRE SIZZLING. Aries, you are going to get lots and lots of attention. Be brave. Be bold!


You might want to hide or you might feel a little under-appreciated when Venus enters your very secretive 12th house. This week, you will only open up behind closed doors. This doesn’t mean you’ll lose your spark, actually you’ll be radiating a mysterious charm that you might not be aware of even.

Another option for love planet Venus and the new moon meeting in your unconscious sector could be that a relationship which isn’t serving you anymore is coming to an end. Review, rethink, and meditate. Find your inner treasures and love yourself. Begin to soul search and look for deeper issues. You know, stuff you’ve neglected. Do a ritual in your bathtub – lavender scrub and candles can help you to get back in tune with your sensuality. Chill and refill.

Remember: if you think you’re being shy, use it as a tool to mask your mysteriousness. Who’s gonna know the difference between mysterious or shy? The weird thing, though… is that your body and mind want to recharge. Your mind is so active and wanting to communicate with brainy Mercury dancing in your 1st house of self and action. Some people leave their brain at home, with you, these days – it’s the other way round.


Friends could turn into lovers now. The new Moon in bold Aries stirs things up. A friend could declare his love for you now, and in a very direct way. Or maybe you are going to be the one – ooolala sexy and surprising. Relationships that start through friendship indeed last the longest, since you get to know one another pretty well before things get too heated, allowing you both to truly appreciate each other and know what you are getting yourself into. If you want to start a new group or club, now would be a good time as you have the charms to attract and find people who share the same ideas. This could turn into something bigger.

Look forward to the final results at the correspondent full moon in the fall. Even though you’re being social and fun right now, your mind will be very private and you’ll be thinking about the past a lot. Don’t get stuck in the past, it’s behind you and you learned from it. The present is now and the bright future is awaiting you. 


#GOALS. You’ve got the perfect planetary combination this week to rise up in your work and career sector. This week could be your lucky break. At work everybody loves you – you’re so charming and people want to be close to you all the time. Don’t mix work and love! People will be tempted though – things are looking good if you need to talk with your boss.

The magnitude mixture of winning Venus, the powerful new moon, and clever Mercury in the upper sector of your chart will be blooming and booming. The 10th house rules career and reputation and the 11th house is all about networking. It’s a prime lunar time to start your venture. Sign up on Kickstarter, send out your resume, schedule interviews, or publish your new web page. Dream big! Some of your friends might have a job opportunity for you. Ask around, communication is key.


This week, electrifying Venus enters your 9th house of the higher mind, spirituality, and unexplored far away lands. Go indulge in exotic massages or food. Have you ever tried Balinese cuisine? It’s delish. It would be very likely now that you meet someone from a different cultural background. It could be a hot stranger you encounter through travel.

The magical new Moon unified with delightful Venus enlightens your spiritual beliefs, shining new rays on new possibilities. Dive deeper into Astrology or Mysticism. Are you ready for a spiritual journey, perhaps like “Darjeeling Limited”? You may find profound wisdom that will help you expand your career. Throw trickster planet Mercury into the mix, which is currently moving through your career sector, and you’ll know what step to take next. You will change your reputation for the better, Leo, you dazzling and wise Empress.  


Ever tried Kamasutra? The Passionate New Moon hooking up with infatuating Venus in your sector of deep intimacies and sacred sexuality would be an excellent time to experiment with the more spiritual forms of sexual activity. Recently, you’ve been bored of superficiality. A sexual union of a deeper nature like Tantra will reawaken you again.

You are ruled by Mercury, so you really need to get turned on mentally as well. No problem, since your planet of the mind will enter your divine 9th house of foreign culture and ageless wisdom. Exotic thoughts and mindsets will get you ready to dive into alternative forms of spirituality. I am so excited for you. Access your Kundalini energy! Expand your knowledge in sexuality! This sensational planetary energy also helps you realize your dreams and manifest unlimited abundance. Money wise, you could be looking to take a loan.


Libra, you enchantress. Elegant Venus swaying into your 7th house, this week, will make an extremely gracious period for you. You will be so charming and able to convince anyone to join you. There is no better company than you, right now. Super sweet.

Ready for a new relationship? If single, you might surprisingly enter a new liaison. Well, not really surprising for you, Libra, since you are the sign of the zodiac that lives for relationships. Your venusian juice will turn you into the peace and love maker. This week’s mood is romantic.

If coupled, you could celebrate or re-define your unfading love. Maybe even over a beautiful candlelit dinner? Clever Mercury in your 8th house of deep sexuality will give you intuitiveness. Wow, you’re going to know, for real, how to please your partner; inside and outside of the bedroom.



The new moon this week gives you the best time to start a new healthy diet and balance out your daily routines in life. It may sound weird, but you might really be fascinated by beautiful food. You may look at the veggies in the supermarket and think how beautiful they are shaped and how amazing their colors range from. Either you have become a nature lover and environmentalist, like your fellow Scorpio, Leonardo Di Caprio, or you are just f*cking high. Your body, your rules. Go hug a tree.

With seductive Venus sizzling up your 6th house of daily habits,  there might be some flirting and romanticizing at work. If you’re currently in a relationship, you will really want to show your love. At the moment, you couldn’t care less about chattering away. Actions speak louder than words. You will want to be of service to your lover and sweep them off their feet.

Mercury in the 7th house of others will make you think more about WE than I. You will get your best ideas when partnering up with your lover. Maybe you guys can start a healthy diet together. Why not get into juicing? You will have your partner’s best interest in mind. Mental Mercury in that sector can also make you much more indecisive though, which can sometimes be a good thing. At the same time, you’ll be more diplomatic.  


So far, it’s been a terrific year for you. Foxy Venus is entering your 5th house of fun, romance, and true love. You are so hot right now and you’re not even trying! Wowza, what a charming, sexy, exuberant energy. Attract whoever you like. You will be able to choose since there are numerous people interested in spending time with you. Add a dash of dramatic flair — it will make your crazy life even more interesting.

The 5th house also rules fertility, but be careful not to accidentally get knocked up while having all of this diversion. With the Super Moon teaming up in your explosively inspiring sector, you’ll be flying high like Wonder Woman. Any romance begun now will be filled with fun and laughter, just the way you like it Sagg.

Logical Mercury will enter your 6th house of routine, which will help you plan out your activities since you are oh so popular right now. Yeah, your schedule is pretty damn full. It’s just that, everyone wants to be part of your amazing energy right now. No wonder Liam Hemsworth got back with Sagittarius Miley. I admire how Sagittarians bounce back and are optimistic and positive even after bad times. You tend to never look back.


This week will be lovey dovey at home and with your fam. If you’ve been too busy to spend time with mama, papa, and your siblings, now would be the time. Use this magical lunar spirit to remodel your home and make it more inviting. With Venus in the mix, you just want to feel good in your home and make it beautiful for your loved ones when they visit. You might ask your boss if you can do some work from your house, instead of working in the office.

Sweet Venus will make your relationships much smoother. Expressive Mercury in your 5th house of fun and games will make you extra creative on what you could change in your environment. Use your hands, to craft or paint, maybe build a sofa out of palettes, it’s really fun and easy when you’re on a budget. When people visit your home, you’ll be more entertaining than usual. If in a relationship, you will want to chat and exchange new ideas with your partner. Sexy time starts in your own head this week.


You will see lots of good news come to you from your siblings this week. Meet up or arrange a Skype conference call, and catch up. If you’re an only child, you can expect harmonic sweetness with your sister from another mister or brother from another mother. All thanks to lovely Venus and the positive new moon in your creative 3rd house, which also happens to rule siblings. Learn something new now – any kind of skill you’re interested in. If you start taking small steps, the powerful new moon will help you to endure and succeed.

If you were planning on taking a short trip, fun opportunities might come up now. Ask around! Maybe someone is leaving town for the weekend and has a spot left in their car for you. Anyway, with exciting Mercury in your 4th house of home, people might randomly stop by your house and exchange ideas as you are such a fine conversationalist right now.


MO money MO problems… but not for you Pisces! It’s a prime time to invest your money into a new venture. You’ve got the power, the charms, and you seem to know the right people. Precious Venus will be entering your 2nd house of finances this week. You will want to indulge and buy nice things for you or your loved one. Throw the deluxe new moon energy into the mix and you’ll be really good at setting realistic financial goals. On top of that, you might also find new sources of income.

Messenger planet Mercury is in its natural base in the 3rd house of communication. Whatever conversations you plan on having, they are going to run ultra smooth. Plus, so many original ideas will pop into your head now. Are you thinking about taking a short trip? In general, it’s a favorable time now to learn a new skill or study.

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