Weekly Horoscopes: April 11-18, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


You may find yourself more popular with the opposite sex and foreigners. Just think of Aries diva Mariah Carey and her Aussie prince. We couldn’t be happier for her. This Venus-Mars meet up is a sexy one, favorable for romantic encounters, social gatherings and many parties and events. Make the most of it before Mars, planet of action, turns retrograde for some time.

Hot-headed Aries will start rethinking their actions from Sunday on. Your journey of self discovery will start as soon as you reevaluate your spirituality and religious views. Step two is to dive deep and face your sexual issues. Is there anything you have been repressing? Mars is your ruling planet, so whatever transits Mars affects you 10 times stronger than the other signs. Because of this, you will have less energy this week. Use the quiet time for creative activities like drawing. Study the past to understand the present.



On Tuesday seductive Venus will touch upon sexy Mars. The key to your real treasure is deep sex and love. If you start a love relationship now or are currently in one, it might have a forbidden quality to it. Secret romances are usually the hottest. Maybe not so much for Taurus gal Blac Chyna and her new fiancé Rob Kardashian — having the Kardashian sisters as enemies is not the most pleasant situation to be in.

If you’re single, this transit might bring out exaggerated laziness in you. On Sunday, planet Mars of action will turn retrograde. You will rethink the ways you express yourself sexually and how you share intimacies in your romantic partnerships. Mars will be retrograde for a while, and this could be a very transforming period for you. Watch out for impulsiveness and stubbornness. It is also an excellent time to pay off your credit card debts.



Enchanting Venus is forming a beautiful aspect to hot Mar, this Tuesday. A social gathering may lead to a romantic encounter! You could make it happen now if you’re single. So don’t be shy and go mingle. Right now, you are the master communicator and flirtatious as hell. Guys might come on strong. What an exciting, sweet, and luscious planetary transit.

On the weekend, fiery Mars turns retrograde in your partnership sector. Gemini is the devil/angel combo of the zodiac. You can be so sweet and angelic one moment and in a matter of minutes you are capable of turning evil and devilish (and irresistibly sexy, of course). Old relationship issues are very likely to resurface. Watch that silver tongue, Gemini, and try to find a fair compromise. Loving is more important than fighting. Don’t be mean.


Vips, bosses, and all kinds of  important people are on your side right now, Cancer, thanks to magnetic love planet Venus fortunately aspecting fighter planet Mars. Career-wise, you are now able to get what you want. Chances are good you’ll get promoted! Are you ready?

At work, everybody still loves you. On the weekend, Mars, the planet of action, will turn retrograde in your sixth house of health and routine. Mars will be in backward motion for a few months. Rethink your diet and health habits. Investigate what is and isn’t working for you. Ever heard of the diet based on your blood type? Give it a shot.



Venus and Mars are being so friendly to each other this week. It looks like you could be meeting a new love interest while traveling abroad, since the planets will be creating positive aspects to your traveling and fun sectors of your chart. It is also an excellent week to express yourself through art or performance. Best would be an artform that requires physical strength. Maybe you could do some dancing? Leos really know how to move in a gracious artistic and entertaining way.

Leos are known as the performers of the zodiac. Think of Madonna or J. Lo or Jennifer Lawrence. At the end of the week, Mars will start going backward, which means your energy levels won’t be as high as usual. Sit back and watch some movies that inspire you. Netflix marathon anyone?



Venus and Mars stimulate your laziness this week. You are so down to just chill with your family. You are not really in party mode. Money wise, if you’re in a family business, things could be running super smooth now, plus profits could be on the rise. So lovely.

On Sunday, Mars, the planet of action turns retrograde in your house of home until mid-summer. It is a prime time to repair your house, paint the walls with fresh new colors. Simply innovate and fix your home. Hang up those frames that you bought ages ago. You are also effective in getting others to do what you want. Usually you are the one that helps everybody. It’s your turn now to ask for some help. Home sweet home, Virgo.


Your current raw Martian nature gets a silky smooth touch of Venus this Tuesday. It’s time to balance between give and take in love relationships and friendships. This could be a prime time to propose for marriage or make the bond more serious. Lovers might come on strong now and will be very direct with you about the way how they feel.

At the end of the week, intense Mars is turning retrograde. Remember those books you bought, but never read? Now is the time to finally go and read them, you’ll have some time since Mars will be retrograde for a while. This might seem random, but the stars say so: if you happen to have a car or motorbike, make sure to get a check up and fix whatever is broken.




This Tuesday, Venus in the sixth house trines Mars in your second house, hitting a magical angle. Spring brings warmth into our hearts and the workplace might be heating up for you this week, sassy Scorpio. And I mean that in the best way possible. Clear the table for that office fling, but remember to always keep it classy, you badass.

We know you’ve been doing some work, work, work on Riri, fellow scorpio Drake, don’t you deny it. With all these hot tensions in the air you might feel like treating yourself to some luxury goods and will be spending some $$$. No need to worry though — from Sunday, Mars retrograde in your second house of money, you’ll be making real progress in financial matters, which makes this the ideal time to pay off your debts and make a financial review. Get your books straight then you won’t have to worry about it later.


When Venus, the planet of of love, touches Mars, your planet of sex, powers of attraction become very high. It is a wonderful time to start a new love relationship. You are so passionate right now and your boosted self confidence and charm is winning over literally everybody.

Plus, your creativity is on a high. When Mars turns retrograde in your first house, it’s time to work on your self image to become even more confident. Careful though, that does not mean you should go for cosmetic surgery. Mars rules surgeries and the first house is the house of looks and body image. When Mars is in retrograde motion, you should not go under the knife. Wait until after June.



Things in the family and home are silky smooth this week and the real Netflix and Chill, family style, is what’s on your mind. Still, don’t be a buzzkill, Cap Orlando Bloom, buckle up and take Katy out on the town. Be a show-off not a shut-off!

From Sunday on, Mars will be retrograde in your twelfth house of hidden problems and treasures. Meditate, meditate, meditate. I cannot repeat this enough. This year for you is really about exploring your inner repressed issues. Patience is key . Don’t fear solitude. Believe in the growth and the lessons it will bring.



The actions you take on Tuesday bring out harmony in your circle. Chances are very high for you to meet a new hottie in your neighborhood, or even on Tinder or OkCupid. Being online this week is the key. Swipe right, baby, before planet of action Mars turns retrograde and old unfinished business will be on focus again.

Hey, attend that party even though it’s midweek. On Sunday with Mars in reverse motion you’ll be evaluating friendships. Are you really happy with your actions or could it be that you are hanging out with people who are bringing down your energetic levels?


When indulgent Venus makes aspects to fighter Mars early this week, you finally feel like you can go buy those luxury goods you’ve been craving for so long. You feel like you truly deserved it after all your hard work. You might overindulge or overspend, if you’re not careful. Otherwise, this beautiful planetary Venusian energy balances your physical and romantic needs.

On Sunday, Mars, the planet of action turns backward. Think, what strategies are not working for your career and reputation? Dear Pisces Rob Kardashian, are you a hundred percent sure that Blac Chyna really is the woman for you? You’ve got to know for yourself. Is this engagement damaging your career and reputation? Maybe. 

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