I Asked a Psychic What I Should Wear to Yeezy Season 3

Not to brag or anything, but I’m going to the hybrid Yeezy Season Three show/TLOP listening party at Madison Square Garden later today.

So as you might imagine, my entire week has been consumed with trying to figure out what I should wear to the show so I wouldn’t end up being The Lamest One Present. As an eternal Kanye devotee and a picky shopper, it’s been a struggle to find something that’s worthy of Yeezy but also still me.

After hitting up every store I pass on my commute earlier this week, I couldn’t find a damn thing that I actually would want to wear. I was at my wit’s end yesterday when I visited Bandier’s Studio B for a morning of yoga, green juice, and gluten-free baked goods (okay, I might have skipped the yoga). The goddesses at Bandier had arranged for card-reader Erica Wiederlight of We The Light to tell people’s fortunes in advance of fashion week, so I signed up for a session.

While shuffling through her deck of angel cards, Erica told me to think of a question to ask my angels. Duh, I knew exactly what to ask those bb’s: What should I wear to Yeezy???

Erica pulled five cards for me and read them. Here’s what they were and what they meant:

1. Infinite Supply

“You’re abundant,” Erica said. “Step into your power. You have this. You have the swag. You have the outfit. It’s Gucci. Show up like a queen. Fuck yeah, I got this!”

Note: Erica was using “it’s Gucci” in a colloquial sense. While I might already have an “infinite supply” of options, unfortunately none of them are actual Gucci. But bae, if you’re reading this, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

2. Bold

“Be confident,” Erica said while tapping this card. “You’re a boss ass bitch. You’ve got this.”

She was right, I needed to stop second-guessing myself! I might not be the Kim K of the Lower East Side, but my sense of style has rarely steered me wrong in the past — why was I so nervous? Which brings us to the next card…

3. Compassion

“Have compassion for yourself,” Erica said. She pointed out that I was being a little hard on myself when it comes to the Yeezy outfit. Ya think?!

4. Cycles and Rhythms

“You know the answer,” Erica said. “You already know if you need to go shopping or not. Have the confidence to be like, ‘I got this. I’m gonna go out and get it.'”

I had a feeling I might find something in my own closet to wear to Yeezy. This confirmed that I needed to put something together with some of the bombest items I already own — not stress out over getting something new that might not even look right in the wild.

5. Divine Timing

This card has to do with some greater force looking out for you, Erica said.

“Know you’re being held,” she said. “You don’t need to push. Everything that’s going on is perfect, timing-wise. Someone is looking out for you.”

Now it was time to ask Erica the definitive question: did I need to keep shopping or should I just trust my closet?

Hell no, she said. The answers were within me and I already had the right outfit. So I went home and figured out a few options, all based on stuff I already have.

I’m not telling you what I picked, though — if you’re interested, you’ll have to follow Galore on Snapchat and Instagram to find out.

Graphic by Mi Gerer

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