Vogue Gave Katy Perry the Same Makeover They Gave Taylor Last Year

Vogue has been rude to Katy Perry recently.

Originally we thought all Vogue was guilty of was giving Katy a “serious” makeover while saying incredibly shady things about her lack of a fashion sense, but it turns out there’s a whole other level to the story.

They already tried the makeover out on Katy Perry’s sworn nemesis, Taylor Swift.

Have they no compassion for their cover girl?

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Back in 2016, back when Taylor was still dating Calvin Harris and her whole world hadn’t exploded, Anna Wintour decided it was half past time to rehabilitate Taylor’s image.

“We thought that we could take Taylor, who is a beautiful, beautiful girl, but has been a little bit more conservative in her fashion choices, and turn her into a Hedi Slimane rock ’n’ roll girl,” Anna Wintour told the 12 people who listened to Vogue’s new podcast at the time.

Translation: only we can save Taylor from the fashion roadkill she was born to be.

And yesterday, Vogue pulled the same move on Katy Perry.

Granted, they didn’t try and dress KP in the exact same clothes they put Taylor in, which would have been so rude it would have been iconic. But they gave her the same short hair platinum blonde high fashion makeover.

TBH this is a classic Anna Wintour move.

She made Taylor dye her hair platinum for her Vogue cover and she made Kendall cut her hair for hers.

While Katy debuted her platinum blonde bob-length hair on Instagram 11 weeks ago, fashion shoots happen way in advance, so this theory isn’t as crazy as it might seem.

And given how much she let her magazine shade Katy, it would make sense that Anna would make Katy Perry undergo both of her favorite go-to makeovers in order to turn her into a high fashion bb worthy of her own spread in Vogue.

And if you’re still not convinced, I have one last piece of evidence to put forward.

Their makeovers were so identical in the eyes of Vogue that both of their cover stories ran with the same  “you’ve never seen them like this” angle.



Vogue may have thought nobody would notice, but we remember everything.

But don’t worry, Vogue will get what’s coming to them.

Taylor Swift didn’t keep up with her makeover and if Katy Perry’s Instagrams are any indication of the future, she won’t either.

Can’t win ‘em all, Vogue.

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