These $10 food jars are the most filling health food you can get delivered

Eating lunch while you’re at work is difficult.

Maybe you remember when you’re halfway to the subway that the lunch you prepped the night before is still sitting in your refrigerator. Maybe you order something off of Seamless that’s way too heavy so you have to pinch yourself to stay awake for the rest of the day. Or maybe you end up paying $6 for a frozen meal that barely makes a dent in your hunger.

Whichever way you slice it, none of those are good options.

But what if there was something you could order from work that was cheap, healthy, and would fill you up without being too heavy?

Sounds impossible, right? WRONG!

It exists and it’s called TYME fast food. We got to try it earlier this month and we were not disappointed.

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Made fresh every day, TYME fast food meals come in eight flavors, including Mexican, Indian, Italian, falafel, carrot hummus and cauliflower rice.

Each meal comes in a cute little jar with an easy to read nutritional label on the back, showing you what % of your daily values of protein, carbs, fiber, sugar and fat is in each jar with a handy dandy graph.

And they’re all vegetarian!

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My favorite flavor was the Italian meal, which was maybe the best thing I’d ever had for lunch at work. It consists of a kale and white bean salad, roasted eggplant, stewed red bell peppers with a farro and herb base. I loved how it was actually a balanced meal and not just the sad combination of quinoa and tofu with salsa I normally eat every day.

And my editor Molly loved the Indian meal. She was intrigued by the turmeric roasted cauliflower, and she wasn’t disappointed.

Plus, since each meal essentially comes in its own tupperware, if you get too full before you finish the meal, you can just put it back in the fridge and save it for tomorrow.

The only downside is that as of right now, you have to be in New York to get TYME fast food delivered to you. Check out this map to find out if delivery is an option for you or whether you’ll need to go to one of the numerous IRL places where TYME fast food is currently being sold.

Each jar retails for $10 each, which is cheap for a healthy, well-balanced meal made with fresh vegetables.

So say goodbye to your friendly neighborhood Sweetgarden cashier and get into the food jar revolution.

For more information, check out TYME fast food‘s website here. 

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