Turns Out Sometimes Guys Don’t Like Girls Who Are Loud In Bed

We’ve all made the mistake of trying to emulate our favorite porn stars in bed before. Thankfully, we never take the whole porn thing as far as idiot guys do (at least, most of the time). But we’ve probably all been guilty of going a bit overboard with the moaning before.

I mean seriously, think about it, when you masturbate, do you moan? Probs not. Moaning is an ego-stroker so much of the time, it’s something that we think we’re “supposed” to do. Or sometimes, we do it without even thinking about it.

But in reality, your partner doesn’t want you to moan 24/7 during foreplay and/or sex. At least, not if it’s not legit.

Reddit user thanksmerkel asked dudes, “Do you personally like (loud) moaning or just general noises in bed? If so, why?”

The general consensus from dudes was that they’re down with chicks who are loud, but not if they’re faking it.

Obviously, Reddit users don’t realize that if girls didn’t fake it, they’d probably never hear a moan in their life. But we admire their optimism.

Here’s what the tiny percentage of Redditors who have actually given a woman an orgasm (allegedly) before responded:

“I want to know I’m pleasuring my partner. Moans are a nice sign of that, but forced moans are a turn off for me.” – Kylethedarkn

“We know when you’re faking it. I would rather you be completely silent over faking happy noises. Case in point, I dated a girl who would make moaning sounds until she came, then she would do the ‘silent yell’ where she looks like she’s screaming but doesn’t make a sound. It was hot.” – PolloMagnifico

“Genuine moaning is hot as all fuck. If I can see she’s faking it or holding it back, i tell her to stop if it’s too bad. To me moaning is a sign that you’re comfortable and enjoying it a lot and not thinking of much else.” – ExplosiveMachine

Obviously, this titty loving Redditor had to put his two cents in.

“If you’re enjoying the sex, I want you to let me know. If you’re not enjoying the sex, I want you to let me know.” – BOOOOOOOBS

Isn’t it cute how so many dudes think that they can tell when a girl is faking it?

Dudes, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry, but you probably can’t. Girls have become experts at faking it out of necessity to preserve your poor egos during the horrible sex that they’re forced to endure. It’s not just their moans, it’s squeezing their kegels and scratching your back and yelling obscenities. Unless you’ve undergone training to be a deception expert, you are probs clueless.

As for the ladies, stop faking it, because you’re just doing yourself a disservice. And moan when you wanna moan, not because you’re trying to make your partner feel better about themselves. Besides, how else is he going to know when he’s actually doing something right?

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