This Sexual Harassment Montage Proves We Need A Female Bond

James Bond is known for being a ladies man, but does he take it too far sometimes?

A YouTuber named FunWithGuru made this video compilation — which is kind of weird in itself — bringing attention to a few times that James Bond was a little more than hands on with the female characters in the movies.

Without the context of the movies surrounding each scene, it’s easier to identify the individual creepy situations that James Bond seems to have no problem getting himself into. The video’s gained over a million view in just 24 hours, Esquire reports.

It’s not totally surprising, given the landscape of this sexist world, but it’s definitely something to think about the next time you’re watching a 007 movie. And hey, maybe Bond will get his act together in time for the next film; maybe soon enough, we’ll even have a girl playing Bond! That’d be fun. Either way, see the video below and make your own judgement.

Also, remember the David Letterman creep compilation? That one was good too.

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