A Real Housewife of NY Started a Spa for Vagina Facials

Although women’s sexual dissatisfaction still has a long way to go compared to the millions of dollars spent on Viagra and ED research, we’re finally talking about it, which is a step in the right direction. After all, just because the female orgasm isn’t necessary for procreation doesn’t mean it’s not important.

But sometimes the female orgasm is elusive not only because of a clueless partner or a lack in sex drive, but because of what’s going on “down there”– that’s where Cindy Barshop comes in.

You may know Cindy from her appearances on The Real Housewives of New York City, but Cindy is also the founder of VSPOT Medispa, a spa dedicated to all things vag.

“Basically we’re the fountain of youth for your vagina, anything that could be done to your vagina,” explained Cindy.

The fountain of youth comparison might be a turn-off to some, especially with all the products popping up as of late than prey on women’s vaginal insecurities, but Cindy urges you to think of a vaginal treatment as a really good facial.

“Say you’ve never done a facial in 30 years and you get your first facial and it’s a really strong good one,” she said. “You’re like ‘oh my god,’ because you’ve never felt it before. I don’t even need a customer service department because my customers are so satisfied.”

Cindy initially founded a hair removal company called Completely Bare, but after selling the business she was “looking for something else to do,” she explained.

When asked what inspired her to found VSPOT, Cindy reveals that she had incontinence herself. Incontinence is a process that gradually happens as women gets older. Their pelvic muscles, allowing urine to seep out when a woman laughs, sneezes, or at other moments that aren’t exactly ideal.

“I also am a single mom of two kids, I wasn’t really having sex. I was like, ‘I’m tired, I’m this, I’m that,'” Cindy said.

After Cindy drove two hours to try the vaginal laser treatment for herself, she realized that she suddenly had a desire to have sex (although she explains that most people don’t feel results for the first three months).

“Something was going on down there completely different. I was getting horny and it pushed me to start dating and going out,” said Cindy. “So it changed the desire also. Because the tissue generation over there makes you feel younger.”

Many of the services at VSPOT have only been available within the last year, including the O-Shot, which is most popular among younger customers and promises earth-shattering orgasms, so it’s a little unclear if these services really work for everybody. But regardless, the need is certainly there.

“16 million women have urinary incontinence,” she said. “One in four women 18 and older suffer from unexpected bladder leakage. 68% of women have pretended to climax with a partner.”

VSPOT offers services for these issues, and more.

They have services that give the effect of “doing a million kegels,” they have services to alleviate period cramps, they also offer services to restore wetness and enhance your orgasms.

Their most popular service overall is the FemiLift because it is said to help a huge slew of issues.

“It can treat painful sex, incontinence, tightening, it increases friction, etc.,” explains Cindy.

“Nobody ever talks about it, but after the age of 35 most people use lubricants,” explains Cindy.

“Originally you could just do kegels, but now we have the technology to do this with a laser,” says Cindy. “The doctors that I have are the ones who travel the world training people, one is the president of the gynecological society. We’re really the only ones who have all natural non-surgical ways to keep your vagina healthy and not get old.”

While you may not have to worry about incontinence or post child-birth at the moment, having an entire spa dedicated to pussy power is pretty awesome. If dudes can spend so much time worrying about their dick, we deserve some pussy pampering.

She has a point, but what crosses the line between worrying about a healthy sex life and getting obsessive over your V’s appearance? And are women worrying about the aesthetics of their lady parts because of men?

Cindy believes that people need to stop judging women and let them do what they feel is right for their own bodies.

“There’s so much time spent on focusing on the outside, like facials,” says Cindy. “But we really should make sure that we take care of whats going on internally and what feels good.”


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