Wait — Did Kanye West Wax His Legs For the Met Gala?!

The first thing most people noticed when Kanye West rolled up to last night’s Met Gala were his creepy contacts.

The second were his totally inappropriate ripped up jeans.

If you got past those two things, though, you might have noticed a third thing: his legs are completely smooth and hairless. Like a baby’s butt! Look:

Here’s a closer view.


I mean, there’s not a hair in sight.

So now the question is: when did Ye start depilating his beautiful and talented stems? I googled “Kanye West in shorts” and the results were sparse — obviously, because men with style rarely wear shorts. But where were a few key examples where his legs looked just as hairless years ago.

Check out this pic from 2012.

Here’s another pic from the same day where his limbs are equally smooth and glistening — his arms, too!

Here’s another pic of him in shorts playing basketball, which I’m just gonna include because it’s cute and it put me in a good mood.

So now we know: either Kanye’s leg hair is so thin that it’s invisible in photos and the light just bounces back from his glorious legs, or he’s been waxing/lasering his hair.

If Kanye is removing his body hair, we’re here for it. Dudes are hairy af and it’s annoying when your nice white bed sheets are suddenly full of rogue chest and leg hairs after one sleepover. Men who want to wax, we salute. We also think all dudes should start getting pedicures but that’s another story.

Anyway, Kanye is clearly onto something style-wise, as always. His casual hairless look got him and Kim the coveted title of Vogue‘s Best Dressed at the Met Gala. 

Wax on, Ye.

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