This Spiky Butt Pad Claims It’ll Cure Cellulite & Office Butt

Office butt is a thing, and it’s probably happening to you as you read this secretly at your desk while you pretend to do work.

But one brand is aiming to combat dreaded office butt and cellulite of the posterior with their butt pads, or as they like to call them, Sweet Cheeks.

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We found out about Sweet Cheeks after seeing that they’re being included in the Grammys gift bags. It seems like an interesting choice, considering most of the celebs attending the Grammys don’t have the burden of sitting at a desk all day. Not to mention they can afford personal trainers, healthy chefs, and when all else fails: really good plastic surgery.

But Sweet Cheeks isn’t too cheap either, retailing at $99 for one mat, which come in a variety of colors. This seems a bit expensive for something that promises to erase your cellulite with no effort on your part, but hey, butt-stuff sells, right?

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Okay, there might be a little effort. The pad does not look very comfy, but still, a bit of pain for cellulite is probs worth it, right? I mean, it’s better than working out.

Reviews on the site are raving. I mean, do you think they’d put bad reviews on there? While it seems a bit too good to be true, we are slightly curious.

Stay tuned for us trying out Sweet Cheeks ourselves, it won’t be the craziest thing we’ve done.

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